Ivan Lins ‎– Nos Dias De Hoje
Eliane Elias ‎– So Far So Close
Cal Tjader ‎– Latin Kick
Pretty Purdie ‎– Soul Is... Pretty Purdie
Prince ‎– 1999 / Little Red Corvette
Jeff Beal ‎– Liberation
Taeko Ohnuki ‎– Sunshower
Masayoshi Takanaka ‎– Can I Sing?
The Bulgarian State Female Choir Guest: Sarband ‎– Mystères
High Fashion ‎– Feelin' Lucky Lately
The Ambush ‎– The Ambush
Aswad ‎– Warriors
Lil Louis ‎– Fable
The Visitors, Earl Grubbs, Carl Grubbs ‎– Neptune
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Batida ‎– Terra Do Sul
Forest Drive West ‎– They Live EP
Head, Heart + Hands ‎– Flor Di Anglo
Jorge Dalto & The Interamerican Band ‎– Urban Oasis
Natan Marques And Ricardo Leao ‎– Comboio
Moraes Moreira ‎– Moraes Moreira
Ronnie Foster ‎– Love Satellite
Daniel Sahuleka ‎– Sunbeam
Luiz Melodia ‎– Claro
Heraldo Do Monte ‎– Cordas Vivas
Theo Parrish ‎– Location Of Lost Colors
Square Dimensione / Radical Motion ‎– Angry Eyes / Stereo
Emílio Santiago ‎– Comigo É Assim
Sakhile ‎– Sakhile
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2019-1-19 New Arrivals

15 Reggae LP/12!!

★Delroy Wilson/Hooked On You★DENNIS BOVELL!レアLOVERS ROCK!
★Fil Callender And Jah Stitch/Baby My Love★LOVERS ROCKクラシック!
★J. Redman & N. Stephens/You Are Part Of Me★LOVERS隠れ名曲!
★Lora McFarlane/Till The Morning Comes★NEW YORK産メロウLOVERS ROCK!ソウルカバー!
★Lou & Kevin/Reunited★人気LOVERS ROCK名作!
★Sandra Cross/Yesterday Once More★名曲カバー!Sgt. Pepper!
★Valerie Lloyd/Don't Stop Do The Reggae★マイケルカバーREGGAE DISCO!
★Bernie Lyon/Bernie Lyon★哀愁レゲエ名作!
★June Lodge/More Than I Can Say★メロウLOVERS名作!
★Rita Marley/One Draw★THE LOFT CLASSIC!
★Various/Boy Meets Girl★BLACK HARMONY/LET'S BE LOVERS収録!
★Hopton Junior & Prince Heron/Wondering Disco★MELLOW ROOTS/DJ!
★Steel Pulse/Bun Dem★KILLER UK ROOTS!
★Black Slate/Amigo LP★UK ROOTS名盤!
★Revelation/Book Of Revelation★UK REGGAE名盤!MURO MIX収録!
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2020-1-17 New Arrivals

11 Japan New Arrivals

Mao Daichi / Lost Love (Victor) KVA-3010
Mio / Starlight Shower (King) K28G-7197
Slapstick / Cobalt Moon (Canyon) C28A0269
Various / 博多 Amateur Band Catalog '84 (MRP) M84-0002
Tamori / How About This (Invitation) VIH-28272
Fushitsusha / 不失者 (P.S.F. Records) PSF-3/4
Epo / Vitamin E.P.O = ビタミンE.P.O (Dear Heart) RAL-8806
Yoshitaka Minami 南佳孝 / 忘れられた夏 Wasurerareta Natsu (CBS/Sony) 25AH 60
Seri Ishikawa / Rakuen (Philips) 28PL-99
Yuko Tomita / Shampoo (Panam) GWP-1026
Kazuyuki Sekiguchi / 砂金 (Taishita) VIH-28242
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2020-1-12 New Arrivals

20 Disco 45 New Arrivals!

☆Patrice Rushen/Haven't You Heard☆DISCO CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Roger/I Want To Be Your Man☆ソウルクラシック!トーク・ボックス!7inch 45
☆Love Unlimited Orchestra/Welcome Aboard☆MELLOW DISCO!7inch 45
☆Jane Child/Don't Wanna Fall In Love☆R&B NEW JACK SWING名曲!7inch 45
☆Basia/New Day For You☆長山洋子!7inch 45
☆VIP Connection/West Coast Drive☆FRENCH INST DISCO名作!MURO!7inch 45
☆Grace Jones/La Vie En Rose☆MELLOW SOUL名曲!7inch 45
☆Lil Louis/French Kiss☆ハウス・クラシック !7インチ 45
☆Titanic/Sultana☆ノルウェー産TRIBAL ROCK!7inch 45 1
☆Future World Orchestra/Desire - Casablanca Nights☆EURO SYNTH POP DISCO!7inch 45
☆Isabelle Antena/Easy Street☆NEW WAVE BOOGIE!SISTER SLEDGE!7inch 45
☆Rita Marley/One Draw☆MELLOW REGGAE!THE LOFT CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Lisa Stansfield/All Around The World☆グランドビート・クラシック!7inch 45
☆Arrow/O' La Soca☆AFRO SOCA HOUSE名作!7inch 45
☆Titanic/Sultana☆ノルウェー産TRIBAL ROCK!7inch 45 2
☆Blue Pearl/Alive☆MURO Fresh 45 R&B FLAVOR ON 45S収録!7inch 45
☆Delegation/It's Your Turn☆MELLOW SYNTH MODERN BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Tears For Fears/Everybody Wants To Rule The World☆美バレアリックインスト!7inch 45
☆Spargo/Special Love☆哀愁FEMALE SOUL CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Muriel Dacq/Tropique☆フレンチITALO DISCO!7inch 45
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2020-1-11 New Arrivals

20 Reggae 45!

★Bob Marley/Natural Mystic★KILLER ROOTS/JAH SHAKA!7inch 45
★Zap Pow/Let's Fall In Love★哀愁LOVERS ROCK!7inch 45
★Sugar Minott/Good Thing Going★LOVERS ROCK傑作!裏に12と別曲!7inch 45
★Boris Gardner/You Make Me Feel Brand New★ソウルカバーLOVERS!7inch 45
★Steel Pulse/Don't Give In★KILLER UK ROOTS!7inch 45
★Bruce Ruffin/Save The People★隠れたEarly Reggae名曲!7inch 45
★見岳アキラ/君は完璧さ★カルチャークラブ日本語カバー!7inch 45
★Barry Biggs/Give Me A Call★メロウLOVERS隠れ名作!7inch 45
★Tribesman/Rockin' Time - Astrodub★KILLER UK ROOTS!7inch 45
★Bob Marley/Jamming★ROOTS名曲!7inch 45
★Jonathan Richman/Egyptian Reggae★KILLER INST!7inch 45
★Bob Marley/Stir It Up★名曲!ジャケ付き7!7inch 45
★Bob Marley/Waiting In Vain★MELLOW LOVERS ROCK!7inch 45
★Bob Marley/No Woman No Cry★ROOTS不朽の名曲!2 7inch 45
★Johnny Osbourne/Love Is Here To Stay★STUDIO 1名曲!7inch 45
★Tribesman/African Woman - Sunday Morning★UK LOVERS/REGGAE名作!7inch 45
★Bob Marley/Could You Be Loved★ROOTS名曲!ジャケ付7!7inch 45
★UB40/Homely Girl★KILLER DEEP REGGAE INST!7inch 45
★Bob Marley/Exodus★ROOTS名曲!7inch 45
★Reggae Clinic 65/Take Five★謎カバーKILLER ROOTS INST!7inch 45
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2020-1-9 New Arrivals

20 Disco 45 New Arrivals!

☆Dream Academy/Love Parade☆バレアリックPOP!7inch 45
☆Lenny Kravitz/It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over☆MELLOW SOUL!7inch 45
☆Kandidate/I Don't Wanna Lose You☆MELLOW UK SOUL!7inch 45
☆Funkapolitan/As The Time Goes By☆SADAR BAHAR!KILLER UK JAZZ FUNK!7inch 45
☆Champaign/Can You Find The Time☆MELLOW SOUL!UK・蘭のみ!7inch 45
☆Voyage/I Love You Dancer☆FRENCH DISCO CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Rolling stones/Miss you☆名曲!7inch 45
☆Secret Service/Flash In The Night☆EURO SLEAZY BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Alec Mansion/Trop Triste☆哀愁80sベルギー産ブギー!7inch 45
☆Mike Francis/Survivor☆イタリア産メロウAORクラシック!7inch 45
☆Azoto/San Salvador☆ITALO DISCO傑作!7inch 45
☆Kitty Grant/Glad To Know You☆IDJUT BOYS!メロウディスコ!7inch 45 3
☆Tom Grant/Heaven Is Waiting☆US MELLOW AOR SOUL!フランス盤のみ7inch 45
☆Jolley & Swain/Soul Street☆哀愁EURO DISCO!IMAGINATION!7inch 45
☆Risque/Starlight☆人気メロウSYNTH DISCO!7inch 45
☆Bill Withers/Lovely Day (Sunshine Mix)☆ソウル名曲!7inch 45
☆Royal House/Can You Party☆ハウス・クラシック!7inch 45
☆Deniece Williams ?/Free☆ソウル名曲!レゲエネタ!7inch 45
☆Shanice/I Love Your Smile☆R&B 名曲!7inch 45
☆Swing Out Sister/Am I The Same Girl☆ソウル名曲カバー!7inch 45
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2020-1-6 New Arrivals

23 Disco 45 New Arrivals!

☆Mike Francis/Survivor☆イタリア産メロウAORクラシック!7inch 45
☆Mino/Assez Super☆FRENCH MELLOW REGGAE BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Chris Rainbow/Body Music☆TROPICAL MELLOW BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Bobby Thurston/You Got What It Takes☆BOOGIEクラシック!レゲエネタ 7inch 45
☆Paul McCartney/Check My Machine☆レフトフィールドCOSMIC REGGAE!7inch 45
☆Lio/Sage Comme Une Image☆ベルギーNEW WAVE DISCO!7inch 45
☆Jo Lemaire + Flouze/Je Suis Venue Te Dire Que Je M'en Vais☆ベルギー産SYNTH POP/MINIMAL SYNTH!7inch 45
☆Womack & Womack/Life's Just A Ballgame☆MELLOW SOUL/R&B!7inch 45
☆Double/Woman Of The World☆EURO DARK NEW WAVE DISCO!7inch 45
☆Brenda & The Big Dudes/Bongani (Remix)☆AFRO ELECTRO BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Kandidate/I Don't Wanna Lose You☆MELLOW UK SOUL!7inch 45
☆Sade/Hang On To Your Love☆UK SOUL名曲!7inch 45
☆Joe Public/Live And Learn☆R&B NEW JACK SWING名曲!7inch 45
☆Sade/Paradise☆UK SOUL名曲!7inch 45
☆Queen/We Are The Champions☆ボヘミアン・ラプソディ!7inch 45
☆Agua Viva/Cantare☆スペイン産FOLKY PSYCH FUNK!7inch 45
☆Max B/Super Bwana☆スペイン産AFRO DISCO!7inch 45
☆Mecano/Hawaii Bombay☆スペイン産エキゾラウンジSYNTH POP!7inch 45
☆Pic Nic/Amanecer☆スペイン産SOFT ROCK!7inch 45 1
☆Pic Nic/Amanecer☆スペイン産SOFT ROCK!7inch 45 2
☆Yamaski's/Yamasuki - AIEAOA☆偽?和PSYCH AFRO FUNK?!7inch 45 1
☆Yamaski's/Yamasuki - AIEAOA☆偽?和PSYCH AFRO FUNK?!7inch 45 2
☆Miguel Bose/Fuego - Sin Ton Ni Son☆スペイン産謎ハイエナディスコ!7inch 45

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