2017-10-17 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals

★15 16 17/Black Skin Boy★KILLER LOVERS ROCK!
★Blackstones/Medley Rock★名曲メドレー!
★Carroll Thompson/You Are The One★アーバンLOVERS傑作!
★Claudette Miller/Too Much Heaven★人気メロウLOVERS ROCK!
★Errol Dunkley/Children Of The Night★ソウル名曲カバー!
★June Lodge/Someone Loves You Honey★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Junior Tucker/One Of The Poorest People★キッズVO名曲!
★Legato/Hello Love★美メロLOVERS名作!
★Mighty Diamonds/Hey Girl★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Motion/Walk On By★UK LOVERS傑作!激レア謎白プロモ!
★Paul Dawkins/Ready To Dance★LOVERS名作!DENNIS BOVELL!
★Paulette Walker/Chuck He's In Love★SSW名曲カバー!
★Ras Midas/Can't Stop Rasta Now★KILLER ROOTS & DISCO REGGAE!
★Rudy Thomas/When I Think Of You★LOVERS名作!
★Sugar Minott/Good Thing Going★LOVERS傑作LP!
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2017-10-15 New Arrivals

Added 12 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Abdoulaye Diabate/Kassikoun☆マリ産AFRO/HIGH LIFE!
☆Malcolm McLaren/Duck For The Oyster☆アフロ・バレアリック
☆Orchestra Makassy/Mambo Bado☆TROPICAL AFRO HIGH LIFE DISCO!
☆The Trojan Horse Featuring Romanthony/What $ Love (What Price Love)☆DEEP HOUSE名作!
☆Mystic Merlin/Just Can't Give You Up☆DISCO名作!DJ HARVEY!
☆Laurent Voulzy/Le Soleil Donne☆仏バレアリックポップ!
☆Pino Daniele/Musicante☆伊バレアリックAOR!
☆Carl Anderson/Buttercup☆Stevie Wonder名曲!
☆New Edition/Once In A Lifetime Groove☆メロウSYNTH BOOGIE!
☆A Guy Called Gerald/The Peel Sessions☆UK ACID HOUSE!
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2017-10-14 New Arrivals

10 Reggae New Arrivals

★Alton Ellis & Heptones/Aint No Music★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Chosen Few/Love Between Boys & Girl★メロウLOVERS傑作!
★Guardian Angel/Alive And Kickin★MATUMBI!LOVERS ROCK!
★Heptones/One Step Ahead★名曲カバー!レア!
★Jimmy Lindsay/Aint No Sunshine★哀愁KILLER ROOTS!
★Laid Back/Sunshine Reggae★人気メロウレゲエ!
★Louisa Marks/6 Six Street★鉄板LOVERS ROCK CLASSIC!
★Pam Hall/I Will Always Love You★名曲カバー!
★Teddy Lincoln/Don't Play With Fire★KILLER LOVERS DUB!DENNIS BOVELL
★Dennis Brown/Love Has Found Its Way★LOVERS ROCK名盤!
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2017-7-13 New Arrivals

20 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

Morio Agata / Yumemiruyouni Nemuritai (Polydor) 23MX1241
Psy . S / Pic-Nic (CBS/Sony) 28AH 2064
Osamu Shoji / Night Flight (Philips) PH-8537
Joe Hisaishi / Illusion (Ixia) N28U-702
Hidemi Ishikawa / Love Comes Quickly 〜霧の都の異邦人〜 (RCA) RHL-1001
Miki Matsubara / Pocket Park (See・Saw) C25A0077
Various / Seaside Memories - Poesy Of The Island (TDK Records) T28P-1011
Various / Disco Hits American (Eastworld) EWS-81203
Taeko Ohnuki / Mignonne (RCA) RVL-8035
Ned Doheny / Hard Candy (CBS/Sony) 20AP 2328
Manna / Chabako Trick (Epic/Sony ) 25?3H-4
Akira Inoue / DX7 Sound Sensation (Yamaha) E-6675-A/B
Takumi Iwasaki / Under Your Some... (Not On Label) E-7443
Beep Special Project / Konami Game Music Sono Sheet (Softbank Publishing ) None
Riz Ortolani Orch / Confessione Di Un Commisario (RCA) SS-2129
Who's Who / Hypnodance (Philips) SFL-2486
Kenjiro Sakiya / Realism (Pony Canyon, See・Saw) C28A0628
Hiroshi Yoshimura / Music For Nine Post Cards (Sound Process) WN 001
Jun Yagami / Jun (Moon) MOON-28030
Anri / Timely!! (For Life Records) 28K-63
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2017-10-10 New Arrivals

Added 15 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Crown Heights Affair/Far Out☆DJ HARVEY CLASSIC!
☆Steve Shelto/Dont You Give Your Love Away☆NY産SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Tribe/Ethnic Stew☆FUNK/DISCO CLASSIC!
☆Good Fear/Take You Home (Tonight)☆イタリア産メロウブギ!
☆Laid Back/Fly Away☆DJ HARVEY!バレアリック・クラシック!
☆Berbel Nobodius/Wanton But Windblown☆UK AVANT MINIMAL!
☆Honeymoon Killers/Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel☆ベルギーAVANT NEW WAVE!
☆Chronicle/Like A Message From The Stars☆和DEEP COSMIC ROCK!
☆Mahogany/My Heart Goes Boom☆KILLER SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Tululah Moon/If You Want Love☆角松敏生ネタ?KILLER SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Nat Augustin/All My Love☆メロウUK BOOGIE!
☆D:Mob/One Day☆ソウルフルハウス名作!
☆Mangrove Steel Band/A Feel For Steel☆ソウル名曲スティールパンカバー!
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2017-10-10 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals

★Deborah Glasgow/My Thing★ソウル名曲KILLER COVER!
★Dennis Brown/Ribbon In The Sky★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★J.J. Brewster/Our Time★レアLOVERS ROCK!
★Jacky/Boy Friend★名曲LOVERSカバー!
★John McLean/Say You★LOVERS ROCK!
★Kofi/Coming Down To See Me★アーバンLOVERS!
★Lajaune Williams/Would You Be My Girl★哀愁LOVERS隠れ名作!
★Legato/It's A Shame★プロモオンリーLOVERS隠れ名曲!
★Lorna Pirre/I Should Know★レアLOVERS ROCK!
★Margo - Althea/You're Unique★LOVERS ROCK!
★Natural Mystics/Runaway Love★メロウドリーミーLOVERS名作!
★Portia Morgan/Let Me Be Your Angel★人気哀愁LOVERS ROCK!
★Steve Myers/Feel Like Makin Love★ソウル名曲カバー!レア!
★Victor Cross/Slow But Surely★レアLOVERS!
★Twinkle Brothers/Keep On Trying★JAH SHAKA KILLER ROOTS!
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2017-10-6 New Arrivals

Added 15 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

Minako Yoshida / Let's Do It (Alfa) ALR-6011
Mikado / Un Naufrage En Hiver (Non-Standard) 12NS-1002
Tomoko Yasuno / La Musique Exotique (Canyon) C15A0377
Sandii / Eating Pleasure (Alfa) ALR-28002
アストライア / 星へ行く船 (Animex) CX-7135
Prism / III (Polydor) MR 3160
Tatsuro Yamashita / For You (Air Records) RAL-8801
Kimiko Kasai / Kimiko (CBS/Sony) 28AH 1420
Marlene / Deja Vu (CBS/Sony) 28AH 1514
Anri / Timely!! (For Life Records) 28K-63
Various / We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Yen Records, Yen Records) YLR28012, YLR-28012
Jacqui Magno / Loving (Orange House Records) ORP-5002
Yumi Yano / Garasu No Border (Alfa) ALR-28072
Ryo Okumoto / Makin' Rock (See・Saw) C28R0053
Noriko Miyamoto / New Romance (Polystar, Casablanca) 28P-13
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20017-10-5 New Arrivals

Added 15 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Alhaji (Chief) Sikiru Ayinde Barrister/Iwa☆ナイジェリア!FUJI!
☆Bohannon/Wake Up☆メロウSYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Willie Hutch/Slick☆Theo Parrishネタ
☆Night Force/Hold The Night☆哀愁80s SYNTH BOOGIE
☆Bhundu Boys/Bye Bye Stembi☆AFRO HOUSEクラシック!
☆Cola Boy/He Is Cola☆バレアリッククラシック!
☆Rah Band/Sam The Samba Man☆レア?EP!
☆Cool Notes/Have A Good Forever...☆UK 80s BOOGIE傑作!
☆Projection/I Don't Fake My Love☆UK SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Spencer Jones/How To Win Your Love☆メロウSYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Watergates/Never Gonna Give You Up☆UK HOUSE/SOUL!
☆Fairouz/Maarifti Feek☆レバノン産MELLOW FUSION!
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2017-9-30 New Arrivals

Added 20 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

June Yamagishi Featuring Bobby Womack / My Pleasure (Meldac) MEL-41
Hideki Saijo / Gentle A Man (RCA) RHL-8356
Hamza El Din / A Song Of The Nile (Victor ) SGS-32
Akira Ito / Bremen 5 (Starchild) K28G-7231
Wonder City Orchestra / Information (Japan Record ) JAL-1005
Tabo's Project / Eyes Of A Child (Taishita) VIH-28274
アストライア / 通りすがりのレイディ (Animex) CX-7149
Carioca / Carioca (Kitty Records) 17GK7905
Ryuichi Sakamoto / オネアミスの翼 (School) MIL-1501
Sunao Wada Quartet / Coco's Blues (Three Blind Mice ) TBM-12
First Brand / Lovers In Office (Panam) GWP-1006
Ryuichi Sakamoto & The Kakutougi Session / Summer Nerves (CBS/Sony) 20AH 1537
Masashi Sada / Advantage (Free Flight) FFR-12510
Joe Hisaishi / 吉祥天女 (Kissh? Tennyo) (Animage) ANL-1038
Yuji Toriyama / A Taste Of Paradise (Agharta, Canyon) C28Y0125, C28YO125
Tetsuo Sakurai = Tetsuo Sakurai / Dewdrops (Invitation) VIH-28251
Akiko Yano / いろはにこんぺいとう (Philips) S-7019
Masayoshi Takanaka / An Insatiable High (Kitty Records ?) MKF 1023
Junko Yagami / Cheater (Moon) MOON-717
John Barry / フォロー・ミー Follow Me ! (MCA Records) D-1178
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2017-9-29 New Arrivals

Added 20 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Les Ambasssadeurs/Dance Music From West Africa☆AFRO HIGH-LIFE!
☆Samba Mapangala & Orchestre Virunga/Virunga Volcano☆HIGHLIFE DISCO!
☆Zouk Vibration/Vol. I☆KILLER ZOUK!
☆Crusaders/Soul Shadow☆JAZZY DISCO!THEO PARRISH!
☆Locksmith/Blackjack☆KILLER JAZZ FUNK UKのみ12!
☆Manhattan Transfer/Spice Of Life☆アーバンブギ!
☆Sapphire/Make Love To The Music☆80s BOOGIE/FUNK!
☆Torso With Gail Grier/In Heat☆UK BOOGIE!
☆Womack & Womack/Teardrop☆DJ HARVEYプレイ!
☆Bahamas/Kangaroo☆KILLER DISCO!
☆Total Science/Just A Little Bit☆Deep House Classic!
☆Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra/Time☆NEW AGE REGGAE!
☆Webboes/Under The Wear☆KILLER ELECTRO FUNK!
☆Champaign/Can You Find The Time☆UK AOR BOOGIE!
☆Elixia/Soho Phaze☆DUBBY UK BOOGIE!
☆Karen Lynn Gorney/Love The Way You Love☆メロウUK SOUL!
☆Keywi/Lets Get It Right☆80s UK BOOGIE!
☆Kiki Dee/Chicago☆UK FUNKY SOUL!
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2017-9-28 New Arrivals


★Bill Campbell/For The Love Of You★人気ソウルカバーLOVERS ROCK!
★Bill Campbell & Valerie Harrison/You Are Everything★名曲カバー!
★Charisma/Everything Is Fine★メロウLOVERS名作!
★Dave Barker/Curious★レア80sソウル名曲カバー!
★Eargasm/This Is Lovers Rock★LOVERS ROCK鉄板名作!
★Group Casa Nov/Shoud've Been You★謎マイナーLOVERS名作!
★Jimmy Lindsay/Aint No Sunshine★哀愁KILLER ROOTS!
★Legato/Hello Love★美メロLOVERS名作!
★Mighty Diamonds/Last Dance★LOVERS ROCK!人気!
★One Blood/At The Dance★メロウLOVERS!
★Pam Nestor/Hiding And Seeking★DENNIS BOVELL!
★Private Collection/Magic★LOVERS ROCK隠れ名曲
★Profile/Hip Hop★メロウLOVERS名作!
★Rosie Heinds/Silly Wasn't I★名曲カバー!
★Ruddy Thomas/Nice And Easy★アーバンメロウLOVERS傑作!
★Slim Linton/Stoned Out Of My Mind★ソウル名曲カバーLOVERS!
★Smith Sisters/Sexy Eyes★超人気LOVERS ROCK!レア!
★Trevor Dixton/Something About You★マイナーメロウLOVERS名作!
★Little Tempo/Usual Things★和レゲエ・ラバーズ名作!
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2017-8-28 New Arrivals

Added 50 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

Tommy Snyder / There Comes A Time (Columbia) AX-7247-AX
Ryuichi Sakamoto / Coda (London Records ) L25N 1016
Kiichi Yokoyama / Pressure (Fun House) 28FB-2132
Hajime Tachibana / Hm (Yen Records) YLR-28007
Toru Yazawa / Variety-Tour (Express) ETP-80054
Nanako Sato / Pillow Talk (Blow Up) LX-7045-A
Gontiti / Physics (Epic) 28 3H-163
Tatsuya Takahashi & Tokyo Union / Black Pearl (Zen) ZEN-5001
Hajime Tachibana / Taiyo Sun (Midi Inc.) MIL-1006
Dip In The Pool / Dip In The Pool (Moon Records (5)) MOON-18003
Various / Pacific (CBS/Sony ) 28AH 502
Mikado / Un Naufrage En Hiver (Non-Standard) 12NS-1002
Eri Ohno / Eri My Dear (Better Days) YF-7052-BD
Hikashu / Natsu (Eastworld) EWS-81345
Hikashu / Nihon No Egao (Eggman) VW-7430-E
Momoe Yamaguchi / Mobius's Game (CBS/Sony) 25AH 974
Magical Mc'Ino Band / Dancing Xabungle (Starchild) K25G-7145
Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans / Rashomon (King Records) SKA 32
Mari Kaneko & Bux Bunny / Mari & Bux Bunny (CBS/Sony) 25AH-1
Ryuichi Sakamoto / Love Is The Devil (Flavour Of Sound Ltd ) TFJC-37501
Yukihiro Takahashi / Tomorrow's Just Another Day (Yen Records) YLR-28009
Air Suspension Club Band / Another World (Vap) 30024-25
Eri Ohno / Eri (Better Days (2)) YF-7001
Y.M.O. / Naughty Boys Instrumental (Alfa) YLR-20002
Osamu Shoji / Yumemiru Wakusei (Columbia) CX-7150
Various / Alfa Disco Sampler 81 (Alfa) ALAM-1009
Mariko Fuji / 狂躁曲 (Continental (7)) CI-10
Jimmy Takeuchi / Min-Yo Wo Tataku (Toshiba) TP-7362
Pecker / Pecker Power (Better Days) YX-7267-ND
Various / Jah Children Invasion Chapter 3 (Tachyon Records) TR・R-003
Hideki Saijo / Gentle A Man (RCA) RHL-8356
Ryuichi Sakamoto / 左うでの夢 (Alfa) ALR 28025
Kimiko Kasai / Tokyo Special (CBS/Sony) 25AP 730
アストライア / 星へ行く船 (Animex) CX-7135
Ryuichi Sakamoto / Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (London Records ) L28N 1008
Carioca / Kaktik (Polydor ?) 28MM 0466
Prism / Surprise (Warner Bros. Records) M-12003W
Osamu Shoji / Touch (Colulmbia) CX-7248
Tatsuro Yamashita / For You (Air Records) RAL-8801
Tatsuro Yamashita / Pocket Music (Moon Records (5)) MOON 28033
Shohjo-Tai / Forever 2001 (Broadway (10)) 15PL-6
Ken Kobayashi / Urban Blue (Columbia) CA-1011
Masuo Ikeda & Kazufumi Kodama / an Endless (Polydor) 28MX1168
Mariko / ? to ? (For Life Records ) 28K-129
Soichi Terada / \ (Not On Label) 725 6396
AB'S / AB'S-3 (Moon Records (5)) Moon-28025
Eddy Yamamoto / Dream Hunter (CBS/Sony) 28AH 1807
Yoshiyuki Ohsawa / 彼女はFuture-Rhythm (Epic/Sony) 12・3H-167
Various / Demo Tape 1 (Midi Inc.) mil - 2002
Haruomi Hosono / Philharmony (Yen Records) YLR-28001
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2017-8-22 New Arrivals

Added 15 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Fela Anikulapo-Kuti/Original Sufferhead☆AFROBEAT名作!
☆Ringo Moya/Dansez Zaire☆アフロトロピカルブギ!
☆Segun Adeware/Ojo Je☆ナイジェリア産AFROBEAT!
☆Laid Back/Raindrops In The Peace Pipe☆メロウ・バレアリックインスト!
☆Jean-Paul Pognon/Jean-Paul Pognon☆メロウカリビアン!
☆Mike Francis/Love Has Found You☆メロウイタロブギ!
☆Pat Metheny Group/Travels☆THE LOFT CLASSIC!
☆Rene Van Helsdingen/Helsdingen Jazz☆コズミックスピリチュアルジャズ!
☆Mission USA/Show A Little Love☆メロウシンセブギ!
☆Randell & Schippers/Let's Go For It☆DAM-FUNK!SYNTH FUNK!
☆Righeira/Tanzen Mit Righeira☆KILLER伊COSMIC BOOGIE!
☆Tony Esposito/Papa Chico☆伊BALEARIC POP!
☆Viola Wills/Dare To Dream☆メロウシンセブギ!
☆Total Contrast/What You Gonna Do About It☆KILLER UK SYNTH BOOGIE!

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2017-8-21 New Arrivals


★Barry Biggs/Side Show★哀愁ソウル名曲カバー!
★Cornell Campbell/She Wears My Ring★メロウLOVERS名作!
★Dennis Walks/Misty★メロウ名曲カバー!1
★Dennis Walks/Misty★メロウ名曲カバー!2
★Dub Band/Reggae High★DENNIS BOVELL!
★Errol Dunkley/Letter To Myself★メロウLOVERS!
★Gerald Love/Going At The Party (Hey Julie)★超マイナーLOVERS ROCK!
★Honey Boy/Impossible Love★切ない名曲!
★Horace Andy/Rock Me Baby★KILLER SOUL COVER!
★In Crowd/We Play Reggae★LOVERS ROCK名作!
★Jimmy Lindsay/Easy★人気ソウルカバー!
★June Lodge/More Than I Can Say★メロウLOVERS名作!
★Ken Boothe/Lady With The Starlight★Rock Steady名曲!
★Ken Boothe/That Nature Planned It★ソウル名曲カバー!
★Kotch/Wonderful Tonight★ナイスメロウLOVERS!1
★Kotch/Wonderful Tonight★ナイスメロウLOVERS!2
★Laid Back/Sunshine Reggae★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Laid Back/Sunshine Reggae★人気LOVERS ROCK!US
★Marcia Griffiths/When Will I See You Again★ソウル名曲カバー!
★Marcia Griffiths/Play Me★メロウ名曲!
★Marvels/Lover's Concerto★クラシック名曲カバー!
★Me And You/You Never Know What Youv've Got★LOVERS ROCKビッグヒット!
★Naturals/Voyage To Atlantis★ISLEY BROSレゲエ・カバー!!
★One Blood/Running Around★メロウアーバンLOVERS!
★Pluto/No Honour Among Tiefs★BOB MARLEYインストカバー!
★Richard Ace/Stayin Alive★ディスコ名曲カバー!
★Sheila Hylton/The Bed's Too Big Without You★ポリス・レゲエ・カバー&ラバーズ!
★Teddy Davis/Tears From My Eyes★UB40カバー!マイナーLOVERS ROCK!
★Trevor Walters/Love Will Find A Way★メロウ名曲カバー!
★Wayne Wade/Lady★人気カバー!
★Zilverzurf vs 7 Samurai/The Moment Is Gone★北欧人気メロウレゲエ!
★Bernie Lyon/Eleanor Rigby★哀愁名曲カバー!
★Black Slate/Amigo★KILLER UK ROOTS!
★Bob And Marcia/Kings And Queens★KILLER FUNKY REGGAE!
★Bob Marley/No Woman No Cry★ROOTS不朽の名曲!
★Bob Marley/Gonna Get You★未発表音源
★Bruce Ruffin/Save The People★隠れたEarly Reggae名曲!
★Cimarons/Mother Earth★渋いKILLER UK ROOTS!
★Danny Vibes/Now Is The Time★KILLER DIGI ROOTS!
★George Faith/I've Got The Groove★LEE PERRY名曲!
★Makka Bees/Nation Fiddler★KILLER UK ROOTS!JAH SHAKA!
★Ras Harry Chapman/Free Up The Herb★KILLER UK DIGI!
★Reggae Regular/Black Star Liner★KILLER UK ROOTS!!
★Ronnie Davis/Tradition★KILLER ROOTS!
★Serge Gainsbourg/Daisy Temple★フランス産KILLER ROOTS!
★Voice Roys/Slogan On The Wall★KILLER ROOTS!
★Zap-Pow/Jungle Beat★KILLER FUNKY ROOTS!
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2017-8-8 New Arrivals

Added 40 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

Tabo's Project / Eyes Of A Child (Taishita) VIH-28274
Akira Ito / Bremen 5 (Starchild) K28G-7231
Akira Ito / Nayuta (Starchild) K25G-7154
Cosmos / Bourbonsuite (Canyon) C25R0103
Junko Ohashi / Hot Life (Philips) S-7100
Mio Fou / Mio Fou (Japan Record) 20JAL-1
Michihiro Kobayashi / Nice To Meet You (For Life Records) 28K-1
Spectrum (31) / 4 - Second Navigation (Victor) SJX-30077
Hiromi Ohta / Far East (CBS/Sony) 28AH 1517
Kohsuke Mine / Sunshower (East Wind) 15PJ-1003
Parachute (7) / Sylvia (Agharta) C25Y0021
The Black Jacks / Million Hits In Discoteque '76 (RCA ) JRS-9531
Marlene (16) / Just A Woman (CBS/Sony) 28AH 2082
EP-4 / Found Tapes (Telegraph (4)) TGEP-023
Yukihiro Takahashi = Yukihiro Takahashi / 四月の魚 = Poisson D'Avril (Yen Records) YLR-28022
Pecker / Rasta Instantane Avec L'Effroyable Pecqre (Better Days (2)) YP-2501-N
Cosmos Factory / Black Hole (Express) ETP-72192
Yoko Nagayama / Victor (Victor) SJX-30337
Tatsuro Yamashita = Tatsuro Yamashita / Melodies (Moon Records (5)) MOON-28008
Tibetan Blue Air Liquid Band / 空中浮遊 (DOMO) AW-25035
Tazumi Toyoshima / 淑女のたしなみ (Polydor ) 28MX 2002
Mackey Feary & Nite Life / Hawaiian Breeze (Japan Record ) JAL-2512
Ryuichi Sakamoto / 音楽図鑑 (School, School) MIL-1001, Bon-1
Teruo Nakamura And The Rising Sun / Manhattan Special (Kitty Records) MKY 6004
Herbie Hancock / Dedication (CBS/Sony, CBS/Sony) SOPM 165, SOPM - 165
Hajime Tachibana / Hm (Yen Records) YLR-28007
Hiroshi Shirahama / Non Fiction (Invitation) VIH-28241
Yumi Matsutoya = Yumi Matsutoya / 悲しいほどお天気 = The Gallery In My Heart (Express) ETP-80118
Terumasa Hino / City Connection (Flying Disk) VIJ-6020
Noriko Watanabe / Akogareza (AF-7333) AF-7333
Junko Ohashi & Minoya Central Station / Full House (Philips) S-7086
Momoko Kikuchi = Momoko Kikuchi / Ocean Side (Vap) 30152-28
Kazuhiko Kato / Super Gas (Capitol Records) CTP-9040
Issei Noro / Sweet Sphere (Invitation) VIH-28218
Koharu Kisaragi / 都会の生活 (King Records) K28A-736
Ryo Okumoto / Makin' Rock (See・Saw) C28R0053
Makiko Takada / Makiko First (Polydor) MR 5051
Various / Jah Children Invasion Chapter 4 (Tachyon Records) TR-R-007-008
Ryuichi Sakamoto / Esperanto (MIDI Inc.) MIL-1007
Yurie Kokubu / Relief 72 Hours (Air Records) RAL-8809

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2017-8-4 New Arrivals

Added 20 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Earnie Watts/Just Holdin' On☆DEEP DISCO!
☆Omni/All For The One☆CHICAGO産BOOGIE名作!
☆The Winans/Let My People Go☆GOSPEL DISCO!
☆Christophe Laurent/Nuits Bresiliennes☆メロウ仏ブラジリアン!
☆Adrenalin M.O.D./Four Tunes E.P☆UK EARLY ACID HOUSE!
☆Blakk Society Featuring David Hollister/Just Another Lonely Day☆LARRY HEARD!DEEP HOUSE!
☆Charles B/Lack Of Love☆ADONIS!ACID HOUSE名作!
☆Paul Rutherford/Get Real☆UK ACID HOUSE名作!
☆T-Coy/I Like To Listen☆UK EARLY HOUSE!
☆William Ackerman/Past Light☆New Age Jazz傑作
☆Instant Music/Instant Music☆独MINIMAL SYNTH!
☆Thick Pigeon/Thick Pigeon☆MIMINAL SYTNH/NEW WAVE名作!
☆Holger Czukay/Rome Remains Rome☆ETHNO PROG DISCO!
☆Lucio Battisti/Anima Latina☆PROG PSYCH FOLK SSW!
☆John Martyn /Solid Air☆UK FOLK名作!
☆Bob & Pauline Wilson/Somebody Loves You☆FUSION SOUL名作!
☆Funk Masters/Love Money Re-Mix 86☆DEEP SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Patrick Cowley/Megatron Man☆SYNTH DISCOクラシック!
☆Keni Stevens/Living On The Edge☆UK STREET SOUL!
☆Les Abranis/Amekhssa Dh Yizem☆アルジェリアンサイケロック!
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2017-7-27 New Arrivals

Added 30 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

Hiroyuki Namba / 飛行船の上のシンセサイザー弾き (Air Records)
Shohjo-Tai & Red Bus St Project / Escape (Broadway)
Hiroya Watanabe / Phantom Burai (Futureland)
Sadao Watanabe / Open Road (CBS/Sony)
Kenjiro Sakiya / This Time (See・Saw)
Eri Ohno / Good Question (Better Days (2))
Masaaki Ohmura / The Soundtrack "You Gotta Chance" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (SMS Records)
Keiko Amae / Dancing Gold (Better Days (2))
AB's / AB's (Moon)
Yoko Hatanaka / Hakujitsumu (Victor)
Adrian Gurvitz / Il Assassino (Jet Records, Jet Records)
Air Suspension Club Band / Another World (Vap)
Hideki Matsutake & K.I. Capsule / 007 Digital Moon (CBS/Sony)
Hiroshi Ogasawara / 夢の碑 (Canyon)
Tatsuro Yamashita / Moonglow (Air Records)
Ruins / Ruins (Transrecords)
Holger Czukay / June 3 1981 At His House Koln W.Germany (Vanity Records)
Hajime Mizoguchi / Oasis - Behind The Clear Waters (CBS/Sony)
Gimmi & The Pinks / Stand By Me (Kitty Records)
Mimi Izumi Kobayashi / 夏・Nuts・夏 (Kitty Records)
Hiroyuki Namba / Sense Of Wonder (King Records)
Akira Fukakusa / 秦琴 (Omagatoki)
Michiko Akao / Yokobue (Toshiba Records)
Hidemi Ishikawa / Love Comes Quickly 〜霧の都の異邦人〜 (RCA)
Nobuyuki Shimizu, Ponta Unit / The Rhythm Boxer (Midi Inc.)
Yasuaki Shimizu & The Saxophonettes / Stardust (Switch Corporation)
Yohji Yamamoto - Yukihiro Takahashi / La Pensee (Canyon)
P.J. & Cool Runnings / Rising Up (CBS/Sony)
Char / Char (See・Saw)
Anri / Timely!! (For Life Records)
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2017-7-22 New Arrivals

Added 10 Reggae vinyls!

★Bill Campbell & Valerie Harrison/You Are Everything★名曲カバー!
★Brown Sugar/Our Reggae Music★LOVERS ROCKクラシック!
★Dawn Penn/You Don't Love Me No No No★名曲リメイク!
★Dennis Brown & Janet Kay/Closer I Get To You★LOVERS ROCK!
★Keyco/夢で逢えたら★和モノレゲエ傑作!DRY & HEAVY!
★Kirinji/RMX II - VL2★キリンジ和モノレゲエREMIX!
★Willie Williams/No One Can Stop Us Now★名曲カバー!
★Derrick Harriott/Reggae Disco Rockers★名曲カバー多数!
★Motion/Motion★LOVERS ROCKレア名盤!
★S-Ken/Gang Buster★和物歌謡レゲエ&サルサ!
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2017-7-4 New Arrivals

Added 32 Japanese records (7inch) new arrivals to Discogs!

Hirota Megumi/秘密にできない (Warner Bros. Records) LRS-2065
Lezz・Less・Mass/Lezz・Less・Mass (Gym) GL-5001
Epo/Down Town (RCA) RHS-59
Myx/Fightin' Megaforce (Invitation) SV-9400
Miho Nakayama/You're My Only Shinin' Star (King Records) K07S-10261
Miharu Koshi/My Blue Summer (King Records) RVS 1184
Ohno Eri/Live Hard Live Free (Better Days) YK-150-N
J.J. Company/Summer Boogie (Taurus) 07TR-1018
Teddy Dan/Dancing Robot (Eastworld) EWR-20574
Marlene/Zanzibar Night (CBS/Sony) EWR-20574
Roy Budd/Seven Seas (Seven Seas ) FM-1059
Chiemi Manabe/Nerawareta Shojo (CBS/Sony) 07SH 1150
Hidemi Ishikawa/Love Comes Quickly (RCA ) RHS-255
Sherri Savage/Hot Stuff (Bourbon Records) BMA-2054
Alessandra Mussolini/Tokyo Fantasy (Alfa) ALR 756
Taeko Ohnuki/Carnaval (RCA) RHS-503
Akira Inoue/Digital Magic - Advanced 'X' Music (Yamaha) E 7179/7180
Bella & The Original Eastern Gang/It's So Nice (Invitation) VIH-1034
Eikichi Yazawa/The Ride (Waner Bros. Records) K-1503W
Yuko Asano/Summer Champion (RCA) RVS-1171
Hideki Matsutake/Nemureru Yoru (Express) PRT-1103
Tao/Azur (Warner Bros. Records) K-1523
Candy Darling & The Viscounts/Space Movin' (Eastworld) EWR-20473
Yoshiyuki Ohsawa/そして僕は途方に暮れる (Epic/Sony) 07・5H-212
Spicey/Touch Dancin' (Eastworld ) EWR-20532
Asami Kobayashi/雨音はショパンの調べ (CBS/Sony) 07SH 1489
Maria Takeuchi/September (RCA) RVS-553
Tomoko Ishizaka/Digital Night Lullaby (Toshiba) TP-17053
Kedge/Rolling Like A Heaven (NEC Avenue Fairland ?) N07E-2001
Mio Takaki/Shatei Kyori (Canyon) 7A0322
Electric Connection/Groovy (Casablanca) 7S-30
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2017-7-2 New Arrivals

Added 15 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Robert Greenidge/Pan Is Meh Jumbie☆カリビアンFUSION!
☆Carol Hahn/Do Your Best☆GARAGE CLASSIC!
☆Jimmy Young/Times Are Tight☆KILLER NY DISCO!
☆Peech Boys/Life Is Something Special☆DISCO CLASSIC!
☆Strangers/Step Out Of My Dream☆メロウ80s BOOGIE!
☆Teri De Sario/Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You☆DJ HARVEYプレイ!
☆Lenny Mac Dowell/Flexible☆独NEW AGE FUSION傑作!
☆N.Y. House'n Authority/Dyckman House☆US RAW ACID HOUSE!
☆Teruo Nakamura/Rising Sun☆DEEP FUSION!
☆Nohelani Cypriano/Nohelani☆ハワイ産メロウ・ソウル!
☆VA/Homegrown III☆ハワイアンソウル
☆Mary Martin/Falling For You☆メロウ80s UK BOOGIE!
☆Viola Wills/Dare To Dream☆メロウシンセブギ!
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