2021-3-8 New Arrivals

15 Disco 45/7inch New Arrials!

☆Delegation/Heartache No.9☆DISCO CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Yamasuki's/Yamasuki - AIEAOA☆偽和PSYCH AFRO FUNK?!7inch 45
☆Man Parrish/Hip Hop Be Bop☆ELECTRO CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Lyn Collins/Think (About It)☆SISTER FUNK!7inch 45
☆Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band/Cherchez La Femme☆カクテルディスコ名曲!7INCH 45
☆The Dells/Love Is Blue☆大ネタHEAVY FUNK/SOUL!7inch 45
☆Kraftwerk/Pocket Calculator - Dentaku☆TECHNO POP!日本語 7inch 45
☆Barbara Lewis/Hello Stranger☆60'S R&B名曲!BROWN SUGAR 7inch 45
☆Marvin Gaye/Sexual Healing☆佐東由梨・ロンリー・ガールネタ!7inch 45
☆Hareem/(Look Out For) The Boogie Man☆KILLER UK DISCO!7inch 45
☆Carly Simon/Why☆CHIC PROD!ATCQネタ!7inch 45
☆Two Sisters/B-Boys Beware☆KILLER ELECTRO!7inch 45
☆Beats International/Dub Be Good To Me☆UK GROUND BEAT HIP HOP名作!7inch 45
☆The 5th Dimension/Save The Country - Dimension 5☆大ネタ!コーラス物!7inch 45
☆Nina Simone /My Baby Just Cares For Me☆JAZZ VOCAL/R&B名曲!7inch 45
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2021-3-7 New Arrivals

15 REGGAE New Arrial!

★Dennis Bovell/Tactics★隠れ名作!
★Likkle Mai/Your Love★和LOVERS ROCK傑作!12のみミックス!
★Little Carlos/Shake Your Body Down★人気KIDS REGGAE DISCO!JACKSONSカバー!
★Soul Syndicate/Harvest Uptown Famine Downtown★MARIWANA収録!ROOTS傑作!
★Rita Marley/One Draw★DUB付き仏12!THE LOFT CLASSIC!
★Wayne Wade/Lady★人気カバー!
★Freddie McGregor/Reggae On It★ディスコ・レゲエ!
★June Lodge/Someone Loves You Honey★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Eva Smart/Upside Down★キラーDISCO REGGAE!
★June Lodge/More Than I Can Say★メロウLOVERS名作!
★Angela Stewart/When Love Comes Knocking★美メロ・スイート・ロマンティックLOVERS!
★Miles Davis/Time After Time★哀愁レゲエインスト傑作12!
★Splashdown/It's A Brand New Day★NEO SKA LOVERS ROCK!
★June Lodge/Someone Loves You Honey★人気LOVERS ROCK!!
★Yami Bolo/Put Down The Weapons★KILLER ROOTS!
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2021-3-6 New Arrivals

25 New Arrivals to Discogs!

Seguida / On Our Way To Tomorrow... (Fania Records) SLP 00501
Lennie Hibbert / More Creation (Studio One) SOL 1119
Hiroshi Yoshimura / A・I・R (Air In Resort) (Shiseido) SSD-1206
Hiroshi Yoshimura / A・I・R (Air In Resort) (Shiseido) SSD-1206
Henry & Louis / Love Like / Lions' Den (2Kings Records) 2KR10 002
Dubkasm / Moses / Heart Salute (Sufferah's Choice Recordings) DUBK-04
The Bush Chemists / Dub Fire Blazing (Dubhead) DBHD 023LP
Blood Shanti & The Shanti-Ites / Pure Spirit (Falasha Recordings, Falasha Recordings) ABA LP-002, ABALP002
Aba-Shanti-I & The Shanti-Ites / Jah Lightning & Thunder Verse II (Falasha Recordings) ABA LP-003
Dubkasm / Transform I (Sufferah's Choice Recordings) none
Various / Invitation To The Wonderful Synthesizer-Land (Toshiba Records) TP-60328
Akira Ito / Bosatu & Mugen = 菩薩と無限 (Black (4)) BBL-2020
Shoukichi Kina & Champloose / Blood Line (Time Records (10)) 28MZ1001
Shi-Shonen / Harvest (Shan-Shan, Columbia) YW-7413
Paradox Turkey / In Style (Chop Records) CHOP-1212
Masanori Sasaji / クリスタル☆ドラゴンII (Columbia, Animex) CX-7257
Dubkasm / Deh Inna De Lions' Den / Babylon Ambush (Sufferah's Choice Recordings) DUBK-03
Taeko Ohnuki / Sunshower (Panam) CRJ-1011
Marlene (16) With Seawind / Summer Nights (CBS/Sony) 30AH 1230
Carl Bradney / Slipping Into Darkness (PK) PK 4
Rockers Hi-Fi / Mish Mash (Different Drummer) LP 60016
Dub Specialist / Better Dub From Studio One (Studio One) SO D LP 0001
Horace Andy / In The Light (Blood & Fire) BAFLP 006
More Relation / More Relation (More Relation) MR-2106
Max Romeo / Mek-Wi-Rock (Woorell Records) LU25-5009
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2021-3-4 New Arrivals

15 REGGAE New Arrial!

★Derrick Harriott/Dancing The Reggae Music★人気メロウLOVERS ROCK!
★Al Campbell/Have You Been Making Out OK★スィート&メロウLOVERS名作!
★Trevor Hartley/It's Crying Time★WAITING IN VAINネタ!メロウLOVERS!
★Janet-Lee Davis/Spoiled By Your Love★人気LOVERS!SAX DUB!CAROL GONZALEZ
★Speedy/Who Is He★謎コズミックDUB!
★Junior English/So In Love★ソウル名曲カバー!人気LOVERS!
★Chosen Few/Love Between Boys & Girl★メロウLOVERS傑作!
★Sylvia Tella/Spell★LOVERS ROCK名曲!12のみミックス!
★Delroy Washington/Give All The Praise To Jah★激渋KILLER UK ROOTS!LP未収12のみ!
★Wild Bunch/Country Living★鉄板人気ARIWA LOVERS!
★Blackstones/Riding High★KILLER UK ROOTS!LOVERS ROCK!
★Blood Sisters/Let Me Love You★CARLTONカバー!人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Ranking Lee/At The Dance★哀愁LOVERS ROCK!レア!
★Tyrone David/Mind Blowing Decisions★DJ MURO DIGGIN' LOVERS ROCK収録!
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2021-3-2 New Arrivals

15 REGGAE New Arrial!

★Treddy (Teddy) Lincoln/If It's Love That You'r Looking For★ソウル名曲カバー!
★Junior Delgado/Armed Robbery★KILLER ROOTS!
★Investigators/Woman I Need Your Loving★LOVERS ROCK定番名曲!
★Boris Gardiner/Everything To Me★LOVERS ROCK名作LP
★Jacob Miller/Keep On Knocking★ROOTS名曲12!メロディカDUB!
★Janet Kay/So Amazing★LOVERS ROCK名盤!哀愁名曲!
★Barrington Levy/Here I Come★ダンスホール鉄板名作!
★Instigators/Instigators Five O★激渋BILLIE JEAN HORNインスト!
★Detonaters/Lift Off★DOPE SPACE DUB!
★Richard Ace/Stayin Alive★ディスコ名曲カバー!
★Bill Campbell/Nearest★トロピカルディスコ!SOCA!
★Kirinji/RMX II - VL2★キリンジ和モノレゲエREMIX!
★TMT/Don't Walk Away - Never Met Anyone Like You★謎メロウUK LOVERS/STEPPER!
★Storm/It's My House★人気DISCO REGGAE!
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2021-2-28 New Arrivals

76 New Arrivals to Discogs!

Hiro Tsunoda/Ballad (Discomate) DSF-4005
T-Square/S・P・O・R・T・S (CBS/Sony) 28AH 1996
Casiopea/Cross Point (Alfa) ALR-28029
Tomoko Soryo/It's About Time (Express) ETP-90077
Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki & Tatsuro Yamashita/Pacific (CBS/Sony) 25AH 426
Cosmos (21)/Can Can Can! (Canyon) C25R0092
Marlene (16)/Tonight (CBS/Sony) 12AH 1815
Kangaroo (7)/Steppin' (Invitation) VIH-28136
Masaru Imada/Tropical Sunset (Full House (3)) PAP-25035
Akira Inoue, Junichi Inagaki, Yasuhiro Abe, Yudai Suzuki/Modern Wave (Express) ETP-60468
Masabumi Kikuchi/Susto (CBS/Sony) 30 AH 1206
Mighty Massa/Rising Sun (Dub Creation) DC 002
The Voice & Rhythm/The Voice & Rhythm (Japan Record) JAL-37
Iration Steppas Featuring Tenastelin / Iration Steppas/Locks / Marching Dub (Dubhead) DBHDS011
Errol Bellot & The Offbeat Posse/It's War / Don't Judge (Jah Tubbys) JT10014
Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki & Tatsuro Yamashita/Pacific (CBS/Sony) 25AH 426
Pecker/Rasta Instantane Avec L'Effroyable Pecqre (Better Days (2)) YP-2501-N
Max Romeo/No Peace / Reverend (Mafia And Fluxy) MF10 007
Llwybr Llaethog/Mad! (Ankst) ANKST 065
Milky Mama/Midnight Walk (Nnesco Aoyama recording school) LRS-886
Various/1974 Hobo's Concerts X "ありがとう ありがとう ありがとう" (Bellwood Records) OFM-16
T-Square/Overnight Sensation (CBS/Sony) 12AH1814
Kaze (3)/5th Moony Night 月が射す夜 (Panam) GWS-4002
Summer (10)/Weekends On Malibu (Trio Records) AW-1038
Keep/Rock'n Rocked Rock (Trash) 3F-25001
T-Square/Truth (CBS/Sony) 28AH 2154
Keep/DG-581 (Trash) 3F-28001
EP-4/Lingua Franca-X (Atelier Peyotl) AP-017
Prism (9)/Prism (Polydor) MR 3072
Seri Ishikawa/Never Letting Go (Philips) S-7051
Terumasa Hino/Daydream (Flying Disk) VIJ-28003
Prism (9)/Surprise (Warner Bros. Records) M-12003W
Yoshiaki Masuo/Mellow Focus (Casablanca) 28P-29
Prism (9)/Second Thoughts/Second Move (Polydor) MR-3107
Casiopea/Make Up City (Alfa) ALR-28007
Casiopea/4 × 4 (Four By Four) (Alfa) ALR-28045
Early Byrds/Morning Reflexion (Aard-Vark) C28R0097
Loudness (5) = Loudness (5)/Let It Go = レット・イット・ゴー (ATCO Records) P-3601
Loudness (5)/Hurricane Eyes 日本語ヴァージョン(Nihongo version)(Japanese language version) (ATCO Records) P-13595
Loudness (5)/Disillusion <撃剣霊化> (Columbia) AF-7246
KKUA 69, KIKI 83/D.J In Hawaii (CBS/Sony) 20AP 1331
Tetsuro Oda/Voices = ヴォイス (CBS/Sony) 28AH 1530
Casiopea/Eyes Of The Mind (Alfa) AAA-10002
Kazumi Watanabe & The Gentle Thoughts/Mermaid Boulevard (Alfa) ALR-6001
Wayne Smith/Slick We Slick "MB's Tune" (MB's Records) MB809
Tatsuro Yamashita/Come Along II (Air Records) AIR-8005
Kazumi Watanabe/To Chi Ka (Better Days (2)) YX-7265-ND
Kazumi Watanabe With Manhattan Blaze/Village In Bubbles (Better Days (2)) YX-7587-ND
Jap's Gap's/Ride (Discomate) DSF-1003
Tatsuro Yamashita/On The Street Corner (Air Records) RAL-6501
Shozo Ise/北斗七星 (Orplid) OPL-1009
Akira Inaba/何か言い忘れたようで (Discomate) DSF-4002
AB's/AB's (Moon Records (5)) MOON-28007
Mariya Takeuchi/Portrait = ポートレイト (RCA) RHL-8515
Jiro Sugita/前夜 (Express) ETP-72210
T-Square/Lucky Summer Lady (CBS/Sony) 25AP 1117
AB's/AB'S-2 (Moon Records (5)) MOON-28016
Cosmos (21)/Bourbon Suite (Canyon) C25R0103
Minako Yoshida/Monochrome (Alfa) ALR-28006
Keiichi Oku/Misty Morning (JVC) SJX-30055
Yasuko Love-Bird = Yasuko Agawa/Sunglow (Invitation) VIH-28043
Itsutsu No Akai Fusen/フォーク・アルバム (第一集) (Victor) SF-1003
Fujimaru Yoshino/Romantic Guys (Moon Records (5)) MOON-28013
Naoya Matsuoka & Wesing = Naoya Matsuoka & Wesing/The September Wind = 九月の風 ~通り過ぎた夏~ (Warner Bros. Records) M-6006
Naoya Matsuoka & Wesing = Naoya Matsuoka & Wesing/Son (Warner Bros. Records) M-6009
Naoya Matsuoka & Wesing/The Show (Warner Bros. Records) M-6010
Naoya Matsuoka/A Farewell To The Seashore = 午後の水平線 (Warner Bros. Records) M-12514
T-Square/R・E・S・O・R・T (CBS/Sony) 28AH 1845
Kenji Sawada/Kenji Sawada Best Selection ベスト・セレクション / Forever (Polydor) MRZ 9201 / 2
Kaze (3)/Windless Blue (Panam, Crown (3)) GW-4025
Takuro Yoshida/伽草子 (Odyssey) SOLL-34-OD
Kaze (3)/時は流れて… (Panam) GW-4018
Akira Wada/Akira Wada The Guitar (Warner Bros. Records) M-6003W
Amadou & Mariam/Bara (Sacred Rhythm Music) Bara 003
Kazumi Watanabe/Olive's Step (Better Days (2)) YX-7580-ND
N.S.P./First (Aard-Vark) AV-3007
Naoya Matsuoka / Fall On The Avenue
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2021-2-18 New Arrivals

15 REGGAE New Arrial!

★Storm/It's My House★人気ラバーズ!KILLER DUB付12!
★Sandra Cross/You're Lying★定番人気LOVERS名作!
★15 16 17/Good Times - Black Skin Boy★ドリーミーLOVERS & KILLER ROOTS!
★Conrad Crystal/True Love★KILLER DIGITAL!
★Trevor Walters/Loving As One★メロウLOVERS ROCK!
★Investigators/Baby I'm Yours★王道絶品LOVERS!
★Sister Love/Every Bit Of My Heart★人気LOVERS ROCK!KILLER DUB!
★Carroll Thompson/Carroll Thompson★LOVERS ROCK名盤!
★Rolands/Stormy Night★LOVERS ROCK!PIANO DUB!
★Aswad/Hulet★UK ROOTS名作!
★Barry Brown/Conscious Girl★KILLER ROOTS!
★C.A.A. MIX FACTORY/Say Yah - Say Yes★チャゲアスLOVERS ROCKカバー!
★Paul Thompson/Can I Take You Home★激レアLOVERS!TRADITION!
★Sonia Facey/I Want You★マイナーLOVERS隠れ名作!
★Family Love/Anniversary★LOVERS ROCK名作!
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2021-2-17 New Arrivals

15 REGGAE New Arrial!

★Pat Kelly/One In A Million★ソウルカバー隠れ名作!
★P. Dawkins/One More Step★メロウLOVERS!TRADITION!
★Cedric Myton/Can't Take It Away★哀愁KILLER ROOTS!
★Leroy Sibbles/Ain't No Love★ソウルフルな名曲!
★Eargasm/This Is Lovers Rock★LOVERS ROCK鉄板名作!
★Bob Marley & The Wailers/No Woman No Cry★不朽の大名曲!
★Natural Mystic/Groove Rocking★メロウUK LOVERS!
★Robbie & Mao/Hold Me Tight★大御所隠れ名作哀愁LOVERS ROCK!
★Joseph Vision/Son Of A Dreadlocks★謎メロウUK ROOTS!鉄琴ダブ
★Wendy Walker & T. W. Crew/Gone She Gone★MELLOW LOVERS ROCK & KILLER DIGI!
★Marvin James/I'll Be Around★レア名曲カバー12!JOHN KPIAYE!
★Barrington Levy/Hunting Man★KILLER ROOTS!美品!
★Tappa Zukie/Peace In The Ghetto★ROOTS/DJ名作!
★Jean Binta Breeze/Tracks★女性DUB POET!LKJ!
★Victor Romeo Evans/I Need A Girl Tonight★DIGI?メロウLOVERS!
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2021-2-15 New Arrivals

15 REGGAE 45 New Arrial!

★In Crowd/We Play Reggae★LOVERS ROCK名作!7inch 45!
★Lloyd Charmers/If Leaving Me Is Easy★鬼甘メロウLOVERS!7inch 45
★One Blood/Get In Touch With Me★レア45!ソウルカバーLOVERS!7inch 45
★Inner Circle/You Make Me Feel Brand New★LOVERS ROCK!ソウル&ディスコカバー!7inch 45
★Playa/Through The Fire★Chaka Khanカバー!7inch 45
★Louisa Mark/Caught You In A Lie★LOVERS ROCK初リリース!7inch 45
★Zap Pow/Let's Fall In Love★哀愁LOVERS ROCK!7inch 45
★Jimmy Lindsay/Easy★人気ソウルカバー!7inch 45
★The Outline - Cairo/I Like Blue Beat★エキゾ・レゲエ!NEO SKA 2TONE!7inch 45
★Pioneers/Feel The Rhythm★人気REGGAE DISCO!7inch 45
★Trevor Walters/Love Me Tonight★LOVERS ROCK名作!MAD教授推薦!7inch 45
★Rafoot/Only Love Can Break Your Heart★NEIL YOUNG名曲カバー!7inch 45
★Rita Marley/One Draw★MELLOW REGGAE!THE LOFT CLASSIC!7inch 45
★Peter Tosh/Buk-in-hamm Palace★KILLER ROOTS!REGGAE DISCO!7inch 45
★Hammatan/Nite Of Bliss★哀愁LOVERS隠れ名作!7inch 45
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2021-1-31 New Arrivals

20 Reggae New Arrivals!

★Jocelyn Brown/Day Dreaming★定番LOVERS ROCK!マスト!
★Brown & Holt/Wild Fire★LPのみLOVERS人気曲!
★Alton Ellis/La La Means I Love You★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Samantha Rose & Les Cliff/Together In Love★LOVERS名作LP!
★Natural Ites/Lately★渋い哀愁UK LOVERS ROCK!
★Sister Love/Don't Tell Him★LOVERS ROCK!レア!
★Janet Kay/What Love Can Do★レアLOVERS ROCKプロモ!
★Tribesman/Street Level★UK ROOTS名盤!
★Alton Ellis/Too Late To Turn Back - Mr. Ska Beana★LOVERS ROCK!人気!
★Peter Hunnigale/Heart Of Steel★エレガントな美メロLOVERS ROCK!
★Now Generation/Alone Again Naturally★ギルバートオサリバン人気カバー!
★Marie Pierre/Nothing Gained (From Loving You)★傑作!!DENNIS BOVELL!
★Marie Pierre/Love Affair★LOVERS ROCK名作LP!
★15 16 17/Suddenly Happiness★LOVERS ROCK人気盤!
★Kofi/Don't Ask My Neighbours★人気LOVERS & DUB!
★Ruddy Thomas/Key To The World★メロウLOVERS名作!!
★Louisa Mark/Even Though You're Gone★LOVERS ROCK定番鉄板名作!
★Sandra And Mellow Mood/Time For Love★LOUISA MARK名曲カバー!
★Revelation/Book Of Revelation★UK REGGAE名盤!MURO MIX収録!
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2021-1-17 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals!

★Jocelyn Brown/Day Dreaming★定番LOVERS ROCK!マスト!
★I Society/Sad Movies★マイナーLOVERS ROCK!
★Trevor Heartley/Hanging Around★キラー・エレピダブ!DENNIS BOVELL?夏の日の恋
★Seventh Extension/Reasons★ソウル名曲カバー!
★Wild Bunch/Country Living★鉄板人気ARIWA LOVERS!
★Delroy Washington/Give All The Praise★激渋KILLER UK ROOTS!12のみ!
★Young Lions/Take Five★UK KILLER ROOTS INST!ジャケ付き美品!
★Barrington Levy/Don't Throw It All Away★メロウ・ラバーズ名曲!
★Chosen Few/Love Between Boys & Girl★メロウLOVERS傑作!
★Janet-Lee Davis/Pleasure Seeker★人気LOVERS ROCKクラシック!
★Sane Inmates/The Girl Is Mine★マイケル・カバー!レア10インチ!
★Eva Smart/Upside Down★キラーDISCO REGGAE!
★Love & Unity/I Adore You★LOVERS ROCK傑作!STUDIO 16!
★Freddy Mckay/Show & Tell★哀愁LOVERS ROCK!
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2020-12-12 New Arrivals

20 Disco New Arrivals!

☆Carrie/I Gotta Keep Dancin キャリーとダンス☆哀愁メロウディスコ!7inch 45
☆Robert Palmer/Silver Gun☆HARVEY!中近東NW DISCO!7インチ 45
☆Cruisin' Gang/My Man☆ITALO BOOGIE CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Beat The Drum/Try☆SLEAZY NEW WAVE BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆A Taste Of Honey/Sukiyaki☆坂本九カバー!7inch 45
☆Al Jarreau/Take Five☆THE LOFT!THEO PARRISH!7inch 45
☆Joe Bataan/Sadie☆MELLOW DISCO!7inch 45
☆Jody Watley With Eric B. & Rakim/Friends☆R&B NEW JACK SWING名曲!7inch 45
☆The Jam/A Town Called Malice☆MODS名曲!7inch 45
☆Indeep/Last Night A DJ Saved My Life☆GARAGE CLASSIC!ドラムブレーク!7inch 45
☆Isley Brothers/Who Loves You Better☆山下達郎ネタKILLER BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Capuano/Close Encounters☆イタリア産バレアリックディスコインスト!7inch 45
☆Kigoy/I'm Coming Around☆ベルギー産KILLER BOOGIE!7inchのみ!45
☆Donato/The Frog☆BRAZILIAN FUNKY ROCK!7inch 45
☆Lil Louis/French Kiss☆ハウス・クラシック !7インチ 45
☆Imagination/Thank You My Love☆哀愁UK BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Heart/Magic Man☆DJ HARVEY!FUNKY ROCK!7inch 45
☆Denis King And His Orchestra/Regan's Theme☆UK LOUNGE FUNK!7inch 45
☆Real Thing/Rainin Through My Sunshine☆山下達郎ネタ?UKソウルクラシック!7inch 45
☆J.A.L.N. Band/Street Dance☆UK FUNK!FATBACKカバー!7inch 45
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2020-12-8 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals!

★Chanel/You've Got A Gift★ボコーダーLOVERS!COOL NOTES!
★Louisa Marks/Keep It Like It is★LOVERS ROCK傑作!
★Force Seven/Open Up Your Mind★KILLER FEMALE ROOTS!
★Horace Andy/Sitting On The Hillside - Sea Of Love★哀愁名曲カバー!
★Ken Boothe/Who Gets Your Love★ソウルフルな哀愁の名曲!
★Jackie Mittoo/You Have Forsaken Me★謎シンガー?哀愁LOVERS ROCK!
★Miss Misty/White Christmas★クリスマス物!
★Aquizim/Merry Christmas★初期ARIWAクリスマス物!
★Revelation/Variation On A Theme★UK ROOTS DUB名盤!
★VA/Ultimate Lovers Volume Two★レアLOVERS ROCK収録コンピ!
★Hortense Ellis/Young Hearts Run Free★人気SOUL COVER LOVERS!
★Big One Crew/Reggae Got Soul★HIP HOP REGGAEメガミックス!
★Saffrice/Dreaming Of Your Love★メロウLOVERS名作!
★Janet Kay/Eternally Grateful☆KILLER UK BOOGIE & COSMIC DUB!
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2020-12-6 New Arrivals

15 New Arrivals to Discogs!

Twiggy / Remind Me (G's Factory) GF 010
Asei Kobayashi / Mickie Yoshino / Godiego / House (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Columbia) YX-7177-N
Asei Kobayashi / Mickie Yoshino / Godiego / House (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Columbia) YX-7177-N
C. S. Lewis / Are You Leaving (Mellow Motion) MM001
Lost Entity / Bring That Back (One More Time) (Nu Groove Records) NG 046
Slique / Never Give Up (Champion) CHAMP 12-212
Rosaline Joyce / No Questions, No Answers (Jam Today) 12ROS 1
Tony Gould With John Sangster, Ray Martin (8) , And The Pro Musica Strings / Gould Plays Gould (Move) MS 3021
Kyeremateng Atwede & The Kyeremateng Stars / I Go Die For You (Ambassador (5)) LPAM 041
Earl Sixteen / Natural Roots (RIZ Records) RIZ004
Parachute (7) / From Asian Port (Agharta) C25A0088
Andre Abrahamse & Josi Ndlovu / Amandla (Boom Records (6)) BLP 002
Telefon Tel Aviv / Fahrenheit Fair Enough (Hefty Records) HEFTY 035
Boards Of Canada / Twoism (Warp Records, Music70) WARPLP70
Reflection / The Morerroronus World (Clear) CLR436
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2020-12-04 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals!

★Nips/Sunshine Reggae★メロウレゲエ名曲カバー!7inch 45
★Moomin/悲しみにさよなら - サボテンの花★安全地帯カバー!7inch 45
★Black Slate/Sticks Man★ヘビー KILLER UK ROOTS傑作!7inch 45
★Geraldine King/Growing Up (Look At Me)★LOVERS ROCK!7inch 45
★Wayne Wade/Lady★人気カバー!7inch 45
★Laid Back/Sunshine Reggae★人気LOVERS ROCK!7inch 45
★Zap Pow/Let's Fall In Love★哀愁LOVERS ROCK!7inch 45
★Bob Marley/Waiting In Vain★MELLOW LOVERS ROCK!7inch 45
★Sting/Love Is The Seventh Wave★メロウLOVERS ROCK!
★Chaka Demus & Pliers/She Don’t Let Nobody★Curtis Mayfieldカバー!7inch 45
★Joe Gibbs/Bionic Encounter★人気REGGAE DISCO!7inch 45
★Marvels/Lover's Concerto★クラシック名曲カバー!7inch 45
★Jamaica Corporation/Egyptian Reggae★Jonathan Richmanカバー!7inch 45 1
★Dennis Brown/So Jah Say★KILLER ROOTS!7inch 45
★Asuka Ando/See You In My Dream ゆめで逢いましょう★人気LOVERS ROCK!7inch 45
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2020-12-1 New Arrivals

20 Disco New Arrivals!

☆Risque/Starlight☆人気メロウSYNTH DISCO!7inch 45
☆Monie Love/It's A Shame (My Sister)☆メロウHIP-HOPクラシック!7inch 45
☆Junie Morrison/Tease Me☆KILLER SYNTH BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Kongas/Africanism - Tatoo Woman☆仏SLEAZY AFRO BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Lucio Batisti/El Velero☆イタリア産TRIBAL DISCO!7inch 45 1
☆Lucio Batisti/El Velero☆イタリア産TRIBAL DISCO!7inch 45 2
☆Love De Luxe/Here Comes That Sound Again☆Alan Hawkshaw!DISCO CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Mantronix/Flower Child☆ALWAYS THEREカバー?GROUND BEAT/HOUSE!7inch 45
☆Detroyt/Physical Lover☆KILLER BOOGIE/FREESTYLE!7inch 45
☆Dennis Edwards/Don't Look Any Further☆SOULクラシック!7inch 45
☆De La Soul/Say No Go☆HIP-HOPクラシック!7inch 45
☆Club Eternity/Holly Golightly☆謎ベルギー産SYNTH POP!7inch 45
☆Class Action/Weekend☆DISCO CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Chakachas/Africa Yama☆DEEP AFRO LOUNGE!7inch 45
☆Congress/40 Miles☆RAVE BREAKBEAT HOUSE!7inch 45
☆De La Soul/Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)☆HIP-HOPクラシック!7inch 45
☆Daryl Hall & John Oates/I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)☆名曲!7inch 45
☆Carly Simon/Why☆CHIC PROD!ATCQネタ!7inch 45
☆Bell Biv DeVoe/Word To The Mutha☆R&B NEW JACK SWING名曲!7inch 45
☆Azoto/San Salvador☆ITALO DISCO傑作!7inch 45

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2020-11-30 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals!

★15 16 17/Baby Love★SUPREMES名曲カバー!
★Mellow Rose/Too Much Heaven★人気LOVERS ROCK傑作!
★Jocelyn Brown/Day Dreaming★定番LOVERS ROCK!マスト!
★Carroll Thompson/I'm So Sorry★LOVER ROCK定番名曲!
★Marie Pierre/Walk Away★DENNIS BOVELL渾身ダブ12!LOVERS ROCK!
★Alton Ellis/True Loving★LOVERS ROCK!初期FASHION!
★Now Generation/Alone Again Naturally★ギルバートオサリバン人気カバー!
★Various/Boy Meets Girl★BLACK HARMONY/LET'S BE LOVERS収録!
★Aswad/Need Your Love★LOVERS ROCK!
★One Blood/Get In Touch With Me★アーバンLOVERS傑作!
★Various/Harmony, Melody & Style★WINSTON CURTIS BE THANKFUL!
★Steve Myers/Feel Like Makin Love★ソウル名曲カバー!レア!
★Fill Calender/Island Music - It's Late★メロウLOVERS ROCK名作!
★Tyrone David/Mind Blowing Decisions★DJ MURO DIGGIN' LOVERS ROCK収録!
★Janet Kay/You Bring The Sun Out (AR)★人気メロウLOVERS!
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2020-11-20 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals!

★Kotch/Wonderful Tonight★ナイスメロウLOVERS!7inch 45
★Sheila Hylton/Don't Ask My Neighbour★ソウル名曲カバーLOVERS!7inch 45
★June Lodge/Someone Loves You Honey★定番LOVERS名作!7inch 45 1
★Rita Marley/One Draw★MELLOW REGGAE!THE LOFT CLASSIC!7inch 45
★Barry Biggs/Love Come Down★メロウソウルカバー!7inch 45
★Richard Ace/Stayin Alive★ディスコ名曲カバー!7inch 45
★Tyrone David/Mind Blowing Decisions★DJ MURO DIGGIN' LOVERS ROCK収録!レア7inch 45!
★Derrick Harriott/Brown Baby★FUNKY REGGAE!ソウル名曲カバー!7inch 45
★Dillinger/Ragnampiza★KILLER ROOTS DJ STEPPER!
★Zap Pow/Let's Fall In Love★哀愁LOVERS ROCK!美品 7inch 45
★Well Pleased & Satisfied/Living In The Slum★KILLER ROOTS!7inch 45
★Aswad/Next To You★メロウR&B NJS/LOVERSヒット!7inch 45
★UB40/Tears From My Eyes★アーリーレゲエ、LOVERS名曲カバー!7inch 45
★Wayne Wade/Lady★人気カバー!7inch 45
★Black Slate/Piano Twist★無重力PIANO DUB!LP未収!7inch 45
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2020-11-17 New Arrivals

20 New Arrivals to Discogs!

Shinobu Narita / Ceramic Love (Kang-Gung Records) SHY-2002
Duppi / Velvet Night (Night Gallery) Night. S. 001
The Disciples (2) / Almighty Dub / Zion Rock Dub (Boom Shacka Lacka) BSL009
Aisha / Can You Feel It (Octave Lab, Ariwa) OTS-139
Funeral Party (4) / Dream Of Embryo (Pafe Record) Pafe 0006
???? 365? / ???? 365? (Universal Record Co. (2)) UL-80048
Underground Resistance / World 2 World (Underground Resistance) UR020
Audley Newell And The New Earth Band / Smile (A & L Records) L-2754
Shun (4) / 2nd (Model House) P-2
Brainstorm (5) / Journey To The Light (Part 1 & Part 2) (Tabu Records, Ultra-Vybe) SOLID-33
Yukako Hayase With Hiroyuki Watanabe (2) / Marilyn & Johnの微笑 (Sixty Records) 07R-7
Yoran / The Atomic Love (Tears Records) TR-01
Lewisite / タイムトラベラー (Cragale) CS-250
Kerri Chandler / The Mood EP (Nervous Records) NE 20316
Ilodica & Disciples Riddim Section / The Disciples (2) / Ilodica Theme / Fearless Dub (Boom Shacka Lacka) BSL006
Prince Malachi / Bagga Worries / Want To Know / Wa Do Dem (Backyard Movements) BM008
Vivian Jones / Babylon Dont Care (Sojourner Records) SOJO 001
Kofi / Black... With Sugar (Ariwa, Ariwa) ARI LP 042, ARILP042
Crystal (39) / Music Life (GD Productions) GD 011
Frank Palmeri / Touching Deep (Bhavani Records) 46025

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2020-11-16 New Arrivals

20 Disco New Arrivals!

☆Arrow/O'La Soca☆CARRIBEAN AFRO HOUSE!7inch 45
☆Teena Marie/Square Biz☆KILLER BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Mint Juleps/Every Kinda People☆UK SOUL GOUNDBEAT人気盤!7inch 45
☆Bettye Lavette /I Can't Stop☆GOT BE REAL似のメロウブギ!7inch 45
☆Royal House/Can You Party☆ハウス・クラシック!7inch 45 1
☆Royal House/Can You Party☆ハウス・クラシック!7inch 45 2
☆Candido/Jingo☆SALSOUL DISCO CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Nicole With Timmy Thomas/New York Eyes☆MURO MIX収録!MELLOW SOUL名作!7inch 45
☆Spencer Jones/How To Win Your Love☆メロウBOOGIE!マイケル・フォロワー?7inch 45
☆Gregg Wackson/Be My Lady☆ベルギー産レアブギ!7inchオンリー! 45
☆Isley Brothers/Who Loves You Better☆山下達郎ネタKILLER BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Raw Silk/Just In Time☆WEST END産メロウBOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Gary Toms Empire/Love Me Right - Drive My Car☆MURO/Tropicooool Boogie!7inch 45
☆Heatwave/Mind Blowing Decisions☆ソウル名曲!ATCQ PETE ROCKネタ!7inch 45
☆Real Thing/Rainin Through My Sunshine☆山下達郎ネタ?UKソウルクラシック!7inch 45
☆Bill Withers/Lovely Day (Sunshine Mix)☆ソウル名曲!7inch 45
☆Lio/Sage Comme Une Image☆ベルギーNEW WAVE DISCO!7inch 45
☆Tara/Always (U And Me)☆オランダ産メロウグラウンドビート!7inch 45
☆William DeVaughn/Be Thankful For What You Got☆ソウル名曲!7inch 45
☆Vanessa Williams/Running Back To You☆R&B NEW JACK SWING名曲!7inch 45
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