2017-12-7 New Arrivals pt.2

20 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

Akira Ito / Bosatu & Mugen (Black) BBL-2020
Jun Fukamachi / Nicole (86 Spring And Summer Collection - Instrumental Images) (Nicole Company Limited) NCL 0001
Katsutoshi Morizono With Bird's Eye View / Spirits (Electric Bird) K28P-6086
Ryo Kawasaki / Featuring "Concierto De Aranjuez" (Philips) 30PJ-5
Taeko Ohnuki / Mignonne (RCA) RVL-8035
Tatsuro Yamashita / For You (Air Records) RAL-8801
AB's / AB's (Moon) MOON-28007
Taeko Ohnuki / Grey Skies (Panam) GW-4023
Taeko Ohnuki / Romantique (RCA) RVL-8049
Mimi Izumi Kobayashi / 夏・Nuts・夏 (Kitty Records) 28MS 0010
Minako Yoshida / Flapper (RCA) RVH-8009
Ryuichi Sakamoto / 左うでの夢 (Alfa) ALR 28025
Adrian Gurvitz / Il Assassino (Jet Records, Jet Records) 25AP 1867, 25AP 1867 (JT)
Parachute (7) / From Asian Port (Agharta) C25A0088
Miki Matsubara / Pocket Park (See・Saw) C25A0077
Seri Ishikawa / Rakuen (Philips) 28PL-99
Akiko Yano / ただいま。 (Japan Record) JAL-7
Anri / Timely!! (For Life Records) 28K-63
Tatsuro Yamashita = Tatsuro Yamashita / Melodies (Moon Records (5)) MOON-28008
Candy Darling & The Viscounts / Space Movin' (Eastworld) PRP-8096
Yoshitaka Minami / Montage (CBS/Sony) 25AH 968
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2017-12-07 New Arrivals

10 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Debra Laws/On My Own☆UKオンリー12!
☆Eastbound Expressway/Never Let Go☆THEO PARRISHプレイ!
☆Tamlins/Hang On To Your Love☆SADEレゲエカバー!
☆Shot Featuring Kim Marsh/Main Thing☆NY SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Isabel Roberts/Rhythm Of Your Love☆PSSミックス収録!メロウSYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Randell & Schippers/Let's Go For It☆DAM-FUNK!SYNTH FUNK!
☆Samson & Delilah/I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away☆SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Stanley Clarke/Heaven Sent You☆アーバンメロウソウル!
☆Time Bandits/I'm Only Shooting Love☆KILLER EURO BOOGIE!
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2017-11-20 New Arrivals Pt.2

10 Reggae New Arrivals

★Jackie Kenton/Heart Breaker★隠れLOVERS名作!
★Joy Gold/Love You (Night)★LOVERS ROCK!レア!
★One Blood/Get In Touch With Me★アーバンLOVERS傑作!
★Profile/Hip Hop★メロウLOVERS名作!
★Toyin/Gee Baby★メロウLOVERS名作!
★Trevor Dixon/Woman Of Moods★隠れLOVERS名作!
★Wayne Wade/Lady★人気カバー!
★Bob Marley/No Woman No Cry★ROOTS不朽の名曲!
★Bob Marley/Could You Be Loved★ROOTS名曲12!
★Twinkle Brothers/Keep On Trying★JAH SHAKA KILLER ROOTS!
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2017-11-20 New Arrivals

15 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

Terumasa Hino / Detour (Who Ring ) RT28-5149
EP-4 / Found Tapes (Telegraph (4)) TGEP-023
Hajime Mizoguchi / Parallel World / Peace (CBS/Sony) 12AH 2096
Junko Ohashi & Minoya Central Station / Full House (Philips) S-7086
Tadashi Goino Group / 七次元よりの使者 (Philips) S-7502
Kahoru Kohiruimaki / Call My Name (Epic) 28・3H-184
Carl Lewis & Electric Storm / Idaten (Riv.Star Records) 28RL-0018
Aunt Sally (2) / Aunt Sally (Joystick) JOY-3302
Shigeru Izumiya / Hikari To Kage (Elec) ELEC-2021
Akira Inoue / Space Hitch-Hikers (Fun House) 15FB-2026
In Variete / In Style (Edge) ELR-28003
EP-4 / Lingua Franca-1 (Columbia) AF-7205
旬 Shun / ?-Location (Kang-Gung) SHY-2004
Air Suspension Club Band / Another World (Vap) 30024-25
OXZ / Fall In The Night (Night Gallery) NG-0004
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2017-11-18 New Arrivals

12 Disco and other vinyls!

☆J./Keep The Promise☆MK REMIX!DEEP HOUSE!
☆Kamasutra/Running Away☆イタリア産DEEP HOUSE名作!THE LOFT!
☆Bill Campbell/Boogie All Night☆KILLER REGGAE BOOGIE!
☆Booker T./Don't Stop Your Love☆THE LOFT!DISCO CLASSIC!
☆Cheryl Lynn/I Just Wanna Be Your Fantasy☆LUTHER VANDROSSプロデュース!
☆Eastbound Expressway/Never Let Go☆THEO PARRISHプレイ!
☆John Themis/Atmospheric Conditions☆NEW AGE JAZZ名作!
☆VA/Fruit Of The Original Sin☆コンピのみARTHUR RUSSELL
☆Manuel Gottsching /E2-E4☆ドイツ電子音楽金字塔!
☆My Mine/Hypnotic Tango☆RON HARDY!CARL CRAIG!
☆Novecento/The Only One☆ITALO SYNTH BOOGIE!
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2017-11-14 #3

10 Reggae New Arrivals

★Beshara/Shadow Of Love★メロウLOVERS ROCK傑作!
★Blackstones/Mighty Long Time★美メロ爽やかLOVERS ROCK!
★George Posse Feat. Toyin Adekale/Touch A Four Leaf Clover★ソウル名曲アーバンカバー!
★Jimmy Lindsay/Ain't No Sunshine★哀愁KILLER ROOTS!
★John McLean/If I Give My Heart To You★LOVERS ROCK!MAD教授推薦
★Lloyd Charmers/If Leaving Me Is Easy★鬼甘メロウLOVERS & SPACEY DUB!
★Portia Morgan/Let Me Be Your Angel★人気哀愁LOVERS ROCK!
★Ras Midas/Can't Stop Rasta Now★人気KILLER ROOTS & DISCO REGGAE!
★Satallite/Together Again★マイナーLOVERS傑作!レア!
★Bob Marley/One Love / People Get Ready (Dub Version)★レアDUB Version!
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2017-11-14 New Arrivals #2

10 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

Shigeo Sekito / Special Sound Series Vol. 4 (Columbia) GS-7051
Kei Wakakusa / Heavy Metal L-Gaim BGM (Starchild) K25G-7180
Jun Fukamachi / エイリアン魔獣鏡 (Columbia, Animex) CX-7242
Akira Inoue / Splash (Express) ETP-90246
Eddie Ban & Orient Express / Sono 1 (Columbia) CD-7113
Hiromi Ohta / Tamatebako (CBS/Sony ) 28AH 1721
Mikami Kan / Bang! (URC, SMS Records) SM20-4144
Ichiro Nitta / Purple Eyes In The Dark (Futureland) LB28-5008
Takashi Kokubo / Digital Soundology #1 - Volk Von Bauhaus (King Records) K28P-528
Various / Demo Tape 1 (Midi Inc.) mil - 2002
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2017-11-14 New Arrivals

10 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Rick Asikpo/I Can Feel It Special Edition☆NIGERIAN BOOGIE!
☆Colin Blunstone/Touch☆スローモーバレアリックロック!
☆Brenda And The Beach Balls/D'Ya Hear Me !☆ギターポップ・ミニマル
☆Chaz Jankel/To Wou Lady Kong☆バレアリック・レゲエ!
☆Operating Theatre/Spring Is Coming☆アイリッシュNEW WAVE!
☆Endgames/Building Beauty☆80's Synth Boogie!
☆Kinky Foxx/So Different☆モダンソウル・シンセブギ!
☆Eurythmics/Who's That Girl?☆KILLER MINIMAL SYNTH!アルバム未収!
☆It's Immaterial/Driving Away From Home☆バレアリッククラシック!
☆Projection/Lovestruck☆UK STREETSOUL!
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2017-11-9 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals

★China Black/Searching★メロウUK LOVERS!
★Dennis Brown/Save A Little Love For Me★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Guardian Angel/Alive And Kickin★MATUMBI!LOVERS ROCK!
★Helena/Beautiful Love★LOVERS ROCK隠れ名曲!別曲収録レアプロモ!
★June Lodge/Someone Loves You Honey★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Karen Smith/Paradise★SADEカバー!
★Portia Morgan/Infatuation★哀愁LOVERS名曲!
★Pure Silk Featuring Trevor Walters/Can You Feel The Love★メロウ90s LOVERS ROCK!
★Rikky Barnett/Figure's Cant Calculate★人気メロウLOVERS ROCK!
★Sonia/Use To Be My Dread★メロウLOVERS人気作!
★Storm/It's My House★人気ラバーズ!
★Tony Hearne/Gotta Get You Home Tonight★ソウル名曲カバー!LOVERS ROCK!
★Wayne Wade/Lady★人気カバー!
★Wayne Wonder/I'd Die Without You★90s R&B名曲レゲエカバー!
★Aswad/Babylon - Behold★KILLER UK ROOTS!JAH SHAKA!
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2017-11-7 New Arrivals part.2

10 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

Noriyuki Makihara / Love Calls From The Digital Cowgirl (WEA Japan) WPJ2-7607
Haruomi Hosono / Paradise View (Monad Records) 28MD-3
Phew / Phew (Pass Records) 3F-28002
D-Day / Grape Iris (Balcony Records) BOYS 5
EP-4 / Five To One (Hot) HOT 12003
Bread & Butter (4) / Late Late Summer (Alfa) ALR-6019
Kimiko Kasai / Tokyo Special (CBS/Sony) 25AP 730
Mikado / Un Naufrage En Hiver (Non-Standard) 12NS-1002
Adrian Gurvitz / Il Assassino (Jet Records, Jet Records) 25AP 1867, 25AP 1867 (JT)
Haruko Kuwana / Million Stars (Philips) S-7043
Various / Yen Manifold Vol. 1 (Yen Records) YLR-22004
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2017-11-7 New Arrivals

15 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Los Santeros/Fiesta Santera☆AFRO LATIN HOUSE!
☆Miquifaye/Tribes Of Chant Pt II☆AFRO TRIBAL HOUSE!
☆Dream Academy/Love Parade☆バレアリックPOP!
☆Gilberto Gil/Luar☆メロウブラジリアン!
☆Strangers/Step Out Of My Dream☆メロウ80s BOOGIE!
☆Servi/Ruckkehr Aus Ithaka/Rückkehr Aus Ithaka☆東独電子音楽名作
☆Army Of Lovers/My Army Of Lovers☆メロウユーログランドビート!
☆Eskaton/Fiction☆FRANCE PROG ROCK傑作!
☆Bob Marley/Dreams Of Freedom☆THE LOFT!BILL LASWELL
☆Prince/When Doves Cry☆プリンス名曲!
☆Modern-nique/Love's Gonna Get You☆US SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Mike Francis/Survivor☆イタリア産メロウAORクラシック!
☆Paul Rutherford/Get Real☆UK ACID HOUSE名作!
☆Kiki Dee/Chicago☆UK FUNKY SOUL!
☆Loose Ends/Nights Of Pleasure☆UK BOOGIE/STREETSOUL!
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2017-11-4 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals

★Bill Canpbell/Tonight I Celebrate My Love★メロウデュエット名曲カバー!
★Cool Notes/Kidnap My Baby★メロウLOVERS!レア!
★Donna Rhoden/I've Fallen In Love★メロウ・ドリーミーLOVERS!
★Kofi/Don't Ask My Neighbours★人気LOVERS & DUB!
★Lori & Raphael/Always★LOVERS ROCK!結婚式向け?
★Lou & Kevin/Reunited★人気LOVERS ROCK名作!
★Melody/Lovin You That's I Am After★レアLOVERS ROCK!
★Pinky & Perky/Woman In Love★LOVERS ROCK!人気名曲!
★Ruddy Thomas/Nice And Easy★アーバンメロウLOVERS傑作!
★Sonia/My Baby Of Magic★MURO MIX収録LOVERS傑作
★Teddy Lincoln/Don't Play With Fire★KILLER LOVERS DUB!DENNIS BOVELL
★Trevor Walters/You Make Me Feel★スイート&メロウLOVERS傑作!
★Trevor Walters/Love Me Tonight★LOVERS ROCK!MAD教授推薦
★Don Carlos/Magic Man★哀愁ROOTS/LOVERS!
★Bill Campbell/For The Love Of You★人気ソウルカバーLOVERS ROCK!
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2017-10-31 New Arrivals

10 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

Nobuyuki Shimizu / Corner Top (Bill Box) SKS 103
Eri Ohno / Good Question (Better Days (2)) YF-7034-N
Takashi Nishioka / 哀しい歌 (Victor) SF-1047
Yuji Ohno / Lifetide (Invitation) VIH-28104
Zazou / Bikaye / Cy 1 / Noir Et Blanc (Crammed Discs) SP-25-5143
Jullan / Electromance (Sound Design Records) 1342-38
Marc Hollander, Aksak Maboul / Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine (Crammed Discs) SP-25-5131
Akiko Wada / Sasurai (RCA) RVH-7016 (JPL1-0791)
Yoichiro Yoshikawa / A Dream Of Aku - Aku (Eastworld) RT28-5002
Ryojiro Furusawa / たまには。(Once In A While) (Better Days (2)) YF-7069-BD
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2017-10-30 New Arrivals

Added 10 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Dream Academy/Love Parade☆バレアリックPOP!
☆Unique 3/Weight For The Bass☆ANDRAS FOXプレイ!
☆Joe Coleman/Get It Off The Ground☆KILLER ITALO BOOGIE!
☆Dr York/Shake N Skate☆KILLER US BOOGIE!
☆Keith, Kat & Blondie/Gotta Get Some Money☆DEEP HOUSE名作!Nu Groove!
☆Juliet Stapleton/Wheres Your Love Gone☆UK DEEP HOUSE名作!
☆UB40/Dont Break My Heart☆MARK Eネタ!MELLOW & BALEARIC
☆Cupol/Like This For Ages☆AVANT TRIBAL ROCK!
☆Sopwith Camel/The Miraculous Hump Returns From The Moon☆FOLKY ROCK名作!
☆Detonaters/Lift Off☆DOPE SPACE DUB!
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2017-10-27 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals

★Barrington Levy/Here I Come★ダンスホール鉄板名作!
★Frankie Paul - Papa San/Buck Wild★KILLER DIGITALコンビ!
★Angela Stewart/When Love Comes Knocking★スイートソウル名曲カバーLOVERS!
★Barry Biggs - Ruddy Thomas/Reflection★メロウLOVERS名作!
★Hugh Porter/Love TKO★人気メロウLOVERS ROCK!
★Jennifer Daye/Together★メロウLOVERS名作!
★Juliet & Grace/What Can I Do★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Me & You/This Love★名門DEB!LOVERS名作!
★Sensations/Not My Baby★LOVERS ROCK!
★Slim Batson/Never Give Your Heart Away★レアLOVERS!CALTON & THE SHOESカバー!
★Trevor Hartley/Hooked On You★アーバンメロウLOVERS!
★Wayne Wonder/One Night★LOVERS ROCK!アーバン
★Zabandis/Leaving In The Morning★メロウUK REGGAE/LOVERS!
★7th Extension/Hard Time★KILLER ROOTS!
★Inner Circle/We 'A' Rockers★ROOTS REGGAE古典!
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2017-10-26 New Arrivals

12 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

Kumiko Akiyoshi / Part U (Polydor) MR 3057
Gontiti / 脇役であるとも知らずに (Epic) 28 3H-131
Hikashu / Watashi No Tanoshimi (Balcony Records) BOYS1
You & I / You And I (Epic/Sony) 28・3P-314
Pecker / Color De Kechop (Discomate) DSF-1001
Bullwackie And The Chosen Brothers / I'll Be Good (Alpha Enterprise Co., Ltd.) YHL-102
Cosmos / Bourbonsuite (Canyon) C25R0103
Reimy / My Sanctuary (Sixty Records) 28SL-5
Fad / Fad! (Invitation) VIH-28044
Various / Disco Monster (Warner Bros. Records) L-8097W
Osamu Shoji / Luna Sea - Nine Moon Shore Stories (Columbia) CX-7269
Miki Hirayama / Onigashima (Invitation) VIH-28086
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2017-10-24 New Arrivals

Added 10 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Paul Simon/Rhythm Of The Saints☆メロウアフロポップ
☆Heatwave/Mind What You Find☆THEO PARRISHプレイ!
☆Suges/All Over My Body☆DEEP HOUSE!THE LOFT!
☆Prefab Sprout/From Langley Park To Memphis☆ネオアコ名作!
☆Aretha Franklin/Get It Right☆KILLER BOOGIE!
☆Legacy/Don't Waste The Night☆メロウSYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Nile Rogers/State Your Mind☆KILLER SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Tululah Moon/If You Want Love☆角松敏生ネタ?KILLER SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Lounge Jays/Massage A Rama☆808 State別名義UK ACID HOUSE!
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2017-10-23 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals

★Barrington Levy/She's Mine★人気LOVERS/DANCEHALL!
★Blues Busters/Three Times A Lady★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Dee Sharp/Let's Dub It Up★名門1番!メロウLOVERS & DUB!
★Donna MItchell & John Wayne/Sparkle Of My Eyes★メロウLOVERS ROCK!
★Jah Daniel/Mathew Mark★メロウカリンバDUB!
★June Lodge/Someone Loves You Honey★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Junior English/Never Too Late★人気アーバン哀愁LOVERS ROCK!
★Louisa Marks/Even Though Youre Gone★LOVERS ROCKクラシック!
★Mohawks/A Whiter Shade Of Pale★人気哀愁名曲カバー!
★Ruddy Thomas/All This Love★ソウル名曲LOVERS COVER!
★Tabby & Prince Lamont/Takes A Miracle★R&Bカバー!メロウLOVERS!
★Theresa Palma/Rainy Night In Georgia★定番人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Wayne Wade/Lady★人気カバー!
★Weapon Of Peace/If★メロウLOVERS ROCKクラシック!
★Barrington Levy & Trinity/Lose Respect★KILLER ROOTS!
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2017-10-22 New Arrivals

25 Japanese records new arrivals to Discogs!

きどりっこ / セレレガンスな愉しみ (Captain Records) CAP-0041-M
Water Melon / Cool Music (Alfa) ALR-28060
Various / 882 Studio (Fitzbeat) 15AH 1883
Exotics / Library (Julie) 28MX1151
Terumasa Hino / City Connection (Flying Disk) VIJ-6020
Ryuichi Sakamoto / Coda (London Records ) L25N 1016
Creation / This Is Creation (Express) ELF-95024
Yellow Magic Orchestra / Service (Alfa Records, Inc) YLR-28013
Bobby Lyle / Bobby Lyle Plays Electone GX707 (CBS/Sony) SOLJ - 92
Dew / 1st. (Invitation ) VIH-28008
Hiroya Watanabe / Phantom Burai (Futureland) LB28-5003
Shohjo-Tai / From S (Broadway (10)) 20PL-56
Yukihiro Takahashi / Neuromantic (Alfa ?) ALR-28018
Hidemi Ishikawa / i (RCA) RHL-8430
EP-4 / Lingua Franca-X (Atelier Peyotl) SIDE 8413
Kei Takanishi / Super Arrange Game Music (Beep) 11
Unknown Artist / Tokimeki! Game Music (Softbank Publishing)
Various / Sega Game Music Sono Sheet (Softbank Publishing)
Various / Namco Game Music Sono Sheet (Softbank Publishing)
Various / Video Game Music - Second Sono Sheet (Softbank Publishing)
Various / SEGA GAME MUSIC II Sono Sheet (Softbank Publishing)
Various / Game Sound Collection (Softbank Publishing)
Various / Super Game Music (Softbank Publishing)
Various / Wai Wai Game Music (Softbank Publishing)
Various / Best Game Music Selection (Softbank Publishing)
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2017-10-21 New Arrivals

Added 15 Disco and other vinyls!

☆Abidjan City Breakers/A.C.B. Rap☆KILLER AFRO BOOGIE!
☆Sakhile/Sakhile☆AFRO FUSION名作!
☆Third World/Talk To Me☆THE LOFT CLASSIC!
☆Tullio De Piscopo/Stop Bajon☆DJ HARVEY、THEO PARRISHプレイ!
☆Azymuth/Tightrope Walker☆メロウフュージョン名作!
☆Prefab Sprout/Life Of Surprises☆FSOL UK RAVE/BREAKBEAT REMIX!
☆Chaz Jankel/To Wou Lady Kong☆バレアリック・レゲエ!
☆Al Jarreau/Mornin'☆爽やかメロウソウル!
☆Cameo/Hangin' Downtown☆メロウソウルUKのみ12!
☆Sheryl Lee Ralph/In The Evening☆SYNTH BOOGIE!HUNEEプレイ!
☆System/You Are In My System☆SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Viola Wills/Dare To Dream☆メロウシンセブギ!
☆First Light/A.M.☆UK DISCO/BOOGIE!
☆Saint Etienne/Only Love Can Break Your Heart☆ダウナーBreakbeat!
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