2020-3-8 New Arrivals

17 New Arrivals to Discogs!

The Targets / I Like The City (Teichiku Records ?) RE-593
Chisato Moritaka / Overheat .Night (Warner Bros. Records ) K-1566
The Alpha / Mizu No Knife (Meldac) 7MEA-7
Teddy Dan & The World Champions / Dancing Robot / Disco Paradise (Eastworld) EWR-20574
Shohjo-Tai / Anniversary (Eastworld) RTO7-2306
Taeko Ohnuki / ひとり暮らしの妖精たち (Dear Heart) MIS-18
Adventures / Slaughter On 10th Avenue - Caravan (Express) ETP-10566
Hiroshi Sato / アンジェリーナ Angelina (Alfa) ALR-783
Epo / ふたりのDestiny (Dear Heart ) MDR-24
南佳孝 Yoshitaka Minami / 昼下がりのテーブル Afternnon Table (CBS Sony) 07SH1315
Masahiko Kondo / 永遠に秘密さ - One More Time (RCA ?) RHS-166
Myx / Fightin' Megaforce (Invitation) VIHX-1578
Sweet Exorcist (2) / Soul Nessie - The Creature From The Freak Lagoon (Overseas Records) MA-16-V
Iwa (a.k.a White Mice) / Food, Cloth & Shelter (Pirka Atuy Records) ATUY-0702
Singie Singie / Onward Christina Soliders (Pirka Atuy Records) Singie-0701
The Venetians / Sound On Sound (Parole Records) K 9076
Ben Tankard / All Keyed Up (Atlanta International Records) AIR 10140
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2020-3-6 New Arrivals


★15 16 17/Black Skin Boy★KILLER LOVERS ROCK!
★Dennis Brown/Love Has Found Its Way★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Geraldine King/Growing Up (Look At Me)★LOVERS ROCK!
★Jimmy Brown/My Love★MELLOW LOVERS ROCK!
★Lisa Shaw/I Want You To Know★マイナーレアLOVERS!クリスマス物!
★Me And You/You Never Know What Youv've Got★LOVERS ROCKビッグヒット!
★Melody/Lovin You That's I Am After★レアLOVERS ROCK!
★Nina Wallace/For The Children★KIDSコーラスLOVERS隠れ名作!レア!
★Shade Of Love African Blood/Tell Me Bout Love★哀愁LOVERS!
★Janet Kay/So Amazing★LOVERS ROCK名盤!哀愁名曲!
★Augustus Pablo/Spirit Of Umoja★KILLER ROOTS!メロディカ
★Black Slate/Live A Life★KILLER UK ROOTS!名曲!
★Bob Marley And The Wailers/One Love / People Get Ready (Dub Version)★レアDUB Version!
★Crucial Vibes/Sweet Sixteen★KILLER ROOTS!
★Gregory Isaacs/Rude Boy Saddam★KILLER DIGI ROOTS!
★Gregory Isaacs And Dennis Brown/Let Off Supm!★KILLER DIGI ROOTS!
★Michael Prophet/Cassandra★KILLER ROOTS!
★Wailing Souls/Bredda Gravalicious★KILLER ROOTS!
★Augustus Pablo/East Of The River Nile★ROOTS INST傑作!
★Black Uhuru/Black Uhuru★ROOTS名作!
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2020-3-5 New Arrivals


☆Champaign/How 'bout Us - Spinnin'☆MELLOW DISCO!7inch 45
☆Chaz Jankel/No.1☆NEW WAVE DISCO!7inch 45
☆Fatback Band/Spanish Hustle☆LATIN DISCO名作!7inch 45
☆Koxo/Step By Step☆イタロブギ!JOEY NEGRO!7inch 45
☆Mike Theodore Orchestra/The Bull☆LATIN DISCO!7inch 45
☆Peech Boys/Life Is Something Special☆GARAGE CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Phil Ramocon/Take A Trip☆KILLER BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Van Twist/Shaft - Hot Wax☆KILLER BOOGIE INST!7inch 45
☆Viola Wills/If You Could Read My Mind☆DJ NORIプレイ!7inch 45
☆Kombi/Przytul Mnie☆東欧哀愁DISCO!7inch 45
☆Kenny Jammin Jason & Fast Eddie Smith /Can U Dance☆CHICAGO HOUSE名作!7inch 45
☆John Martyn/Dacning - Dealer Version☆7のみ!DUBBY ROCK!7inch 45
☆Karyn White/Romantic☆R&B NEW JACK SWING名曲!7inch 45
☆SWV/Right Here☆R&B NEW JACK SWING名曲!7inch 45
☆Gene Pitney/Train Of Thought☆GROOVY FUNKY ROCK!7inch 45
☆Carly Simon/Why☆CHIC PROD!ATCQネタ!7inch 45
☆Carrie Lucas/Show Me Where You're Coming From☆爽やかMELLOW BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆The Vibrations/Bolder, Green And Jones☆PSYCH FUNKY SOUL!7inch 45
☆Kiwi Bahamas/Gaell☆ドリーミーFRENCH POP!7inch 45
☆State Of Grace/That's When We'll Be Free☆ITALO SYNTH POP!7inch 45
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2020-2-28 New Arrivals

15 Reggae 45 New Arrivals

★Cats/Swan Lake★白鳥の湖カバー!7inch 45
★Daffodil Samuels/No Other Love★クラシックLOVERSカバー!7inch 45
★Rafoot/Only Love Can Break Your Heart★NEIL YOUNG名曲カバー!7inch 45
★Miles Davis/Time After Time★メロウレゲエカバー!7inch 45
★Original Wailers/Nice Time★名曲リメイク!7inch 45
★Bob Marley/Buffalo Soldier★ROOTS名曲! 7inch 45
★Cimarons/Mother Earth★渋いKILLER UK ROOTS!7inch 45
★Blackstones/Mighty Long Time★美メロ爽やかLOVERS ROCK!7inch 45
★Average White Band/Walk On By★BLUE EYED? LOVERS ROCK REGGAE!7inch 45
★Geraldine King/Growing Up (Look At Me)★LOVERS ROCK!7inch 45
★Dub Band/Reggae High★DENNIS BOVELL!7inch 45
★Weapon Of Peace/If★メロウLOVERS ROCKクラシック!7inch 45
★Me And You/You Never Know What Youv've Got★LOVERS ROCKビッグヒット!7inch 45
★Errol Dunkley/Betcha By Golly Wow★LOVERS ROCK!ソウル名曲カバー!7inch 45
★Cool Notes/My Tune★人気LOVERS ROCK!7inch 45
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2020-2-25 New Arrivals

30 Disco 45 New Arrivals

☆Cashmere/Do It Anyway You Wanna☆KILLER BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Delegation/Heartache No.9☆DISCO CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Cheyenne/Separated Love☆ダッチ・メロウソウル!7inch 45
☆Wally Badarou/He Was A Rasta In London Town☆AFRO COSMIC DISCO!7inch 45
☆De La Soul/Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)☆HIP-HOPクラシック!7inch 45
☆Ragazza/I Believe In Miracles☆JACKSON SISTERSカバー!7inch 45
☆Pigbag/Big Bean☆エキゾアフロミニマル!7inch 45
☆Can/I Want More☆キラーPROG DISCO!7inch 45
☆Seventh Wave/Only THe Beginning☆PROG ROCK FUNK!7inch 45
☆The Jam/A Town Called Malice☆MODS名曲!7inch 45
☆Dynasty/Here I Am☆MELLOW SOUL!7inch 45
☆Fatback Band/Wicki Wacky☆FUNK名曲!ATCQネタ!7inch 45
☆Haywoode/A Time Like This☆KILLER UK BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Real Thing/Rainin Through My Sunshine☆山下達郎?UKソウルクラシック!7inch 45
☆Sister Sledge/We Are Family☆メロウディスコ!7inch 45
☆Ginni Gallan/Lamour Ca Rend Fou☆フレンチ・メロウソウル!7inch 45
☆Crown Heights Affair/Dancin'☆DJ SPINNA!DISCO CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Sonia/Shakin It Up☆ユーロ・メロウ・ディスコ・ラップ!7inch 45
☆Datalife/Disco Connection - Dancing Dreaming☆伊AOR DISCO!7inch 45
☆Djavan/Samurai☆ブラジリアンAOR SOUL!7inch 45
☆The Style Council/Shout To The Top☆ギターポップネオアコ名曲!7inch 45
☆Da Juice/Runcomefollome☆DUTCH DEEP HOUSE!7inch 45
☆Barbie/Jumping Jack☆FRENCH FUNK/DISCO!7inch 45
☆The O'Jays/Message In Our Music☆DISCO CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Christophe Laurent/Nuits Bresiliennes☆メロウ仏ブラジリアン!7inch 45
☆Bibi Flash/Histoire D1 Soir - Telephone Moi ☆仏哀愁SOUL/DISCO!7inch 45
☆Minnie Riperton/Lovin' You☆ソウル不朽の名作!7inch 45
☆Fernando's Ginga/It Doesnt Matter☆DUTCH LATIN AOR SOUL!7inch 45
☆Kiki Dee/Chicago☆UK DEEP SOUL!7inch 45
☆Taxi/Quero Dancar - Pode Chorar☆ブラジリアンDISCO!7inch 45
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