2019-1-21 New Arrivals

30 Disco and other stuff new arrivals!

☆Francis Bebey/Rire Africain☆カメルーン産AFRO ELECTRONICS!
☆George Darko/Hi-life Time☆ガーナ産AFRO SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Les Amazones De Guinee/Au Cour De Paris☆KILLER AFRO FUNK!
☆Ray Lema/Kamulang☆AFRO ELECTRO!
☆Trip Ta Funk/Pushin' Right Along☆SMOKEY DEEP DUB HOUSE!LOFT!
☆Crown Heights Affair/Far Out☆DJ HARVEY CLASSIC!UKのみ12!
☆Eddy Grant/My Turn To Love You☆CARIBBEAN DISCO!
☆Heatwave/Mind What You Find☆THEO PARRISHプレイ!
☆Oliver Cheatham/Mama Said☆DISCO CLASSIC!UKのみ!
☆Newcleus/Computer Age☆エレクトロ名作!
☆Blue Camera ?/Golden War☆DJ HARVEY!メロウポップス!
☆Kim Harlow/Je Danse Pour Ne Pas Pleurer☆哀愁FRENCH DISCO!
☆Total Science/Just A Little Bit☆Deep House Classic!
☆Jack Bruce/Automatic☆KIP HANRAHANカバー!
☆Bakmak/Out Of The Blue☆独FUSION名作!
☆Tranquility Bass/Cantamilla☆バレアリック&スピリチュアル名曲
☆Rhonda Clark/State Of Attraction☆NEW JACK SWING/R&B
☆Junie Morrison/Tease Me☆KILLER SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Tango?/Nunca Volveras A Banarte En Mi Piscina☆スペイン産SYNTH POP/ELECTRO!
☆Massimo Barsotti/Right Or Wrong☆哀愁イタロ・ブギ傑作!
☆Samson & Delilah/I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away☆SYNTH BOOGIE!
☆Time Bandits/I'm Only Shooting Love☆KILLER EURO BOOGIE!
☆Viola Wills/Dare To Dream☆メロウシンセブギ!
☆Booker T./Don't Stop Your Love☆THE LOFT!DISCO CLASSIC!
☆Funkapolitan/As The Time Goes By☆SADAR BAHAR!KILLER UK JAZZ FUNK!
☆Index/The Love Youve Been Fakin☆UKブギ隠れ名曲!
☆Magnum Force/Magnum Force☆メロウSOUL/R&B!
☆Various/Lap One Productions Vol 2 - Instant Addiction Once Exposed☆UK STREETSOULコンピ!
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Caetano Veloso ‎– Jóia
Showbiz & A.G. ‎– Fat Pockets
Francis Lai ‎– Un Homme Et Une Femme (Bande Originale Sonore)
A Forest Mighty Black ‎– Mellowdramatic
The Peddlers And The London Philharmonic Orchestra ‎– Suite London
Grand Unified ‎– Unifried EP
Malo ‎– Malo
Dudley Moore Trio ‎– The World Of Dudley Moore
Doug Carn ‎– Revelation
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2019-1-17 New Arrivals

20 Reggae New Arrivals!!

★Courtney Pine/Redemption Song★Bob Marley名曲人気カバー!
★Dennis Pinnock/Woman Be Fair★LOVERS ROCK!MAD PROF. ARIWA!
★Don Carlos/Rasta Vibration★KILLER ROOTS!!
★Donette Forte/Rhythm Of Resistance★KILLER UK DUB/NEW ROOTS!
★Errol Dunkley/Children Of The Night★ソウル名曲カバー!
★Horace Martin/Zuggy Zuggy★KILLER ROOTS!!
★Jocelyn Brown/Day Dreaming★定番LOVERS ROCK!マスト!
★Maxine Miller/Fatal Attraction★LOVERS/DANCEHALL名作!
★Norman Star Collins/Let Me Go★正統派LOVERS ROCK!
★Paulette & Sophia/How I Feel★女性デュオLOVERS ROCK!
★Peter Hunnigale/Fool For You★爽やか80sメロウLOVERS!
★Ras Midas/Can't Stop Rasta Now★人気KILLER ROOTS & DISCO REGGAE!
★Raymond And Claudia/Is It Always Gonna Be Like This★メロウLOVERS ROCK!
★Ruddy Thomas/When I've Got You★LOVERS ROCK名盤!
★Sister Love/At The Station★LOVERS ROCK!
★Sonia/My Baby Of Magic★MURO MIX収録LOVERS傑作
★Sugar Minott/Good Thing Going★LOVERS傑作LP!
★Treddy Lincoln/If It's Love That You'r Looking For★ソウル名曲カバー!
★Victor Romeo Evans/Miss Attractive★LOVERS ROCK!
★Weapon Of Peace/If★メロウLOVERS ROCKクラシック!
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2019-1-15 New Arrivals

30 Japanese New Arrivals!

Various / Jah Children Invation Chapter (Tachyon Records) TR・R-003
Anri / Timely!! (For Life Records) 28K-63
Tetsuji Hayashi 林哲司 / Nine Stories 〜Longtime Romance〜 (Vap) 30187-28
Anri / Mystique (For Life) 28K-105
Takeo Miyate / Za Za Za (Humming Bird ) 28HB-4
Kingo Hamada / Midnight Cruisin' (Moon) Moon-28006
Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang / The Lucky Old Sun (Better Days ) YX-7200-N
Keiko Amae / Dancing Gold (Better Days ) YF-7050-BD
Hiroyuki Namba / 飛行船の上のシンセサイザー弾き Hikosen No Ue No Synthesizer Hiki (Air Records) RAL-8802
Hiroshi Fujiwara / Getting Over You (Remix) (Victor) CLP-103
小泉今日子 Kyoko Koizumi / Koizumix Production Vol. 1 - N.Y. Remix Of Bambinater (Victor) VIJL-18101
Joe Hisaishi / はるかな地へ…「風の谷のナウシカ」サウンドトラック Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Animage) ANL-1020
Hajime Tachibana / Replicant J.B. Remix (Yen Records) YLR-12003
Various / Dead Tech Sampler - No Wave From Japan (Dossier) ST 7512
Nachiko / III - 髪舞 Kamimai (Epic/Sony) 28 3H-59
Anzenchitai 安全地帯 / Dakishimetai 抱きしめたい (Kitty) 28MS0070
Bananarians / Boner (Telegraph Records) TG-007
Marlene / Deja Vu (CBS/Sony) 28AH 1514
Various / Very Special Disco Jockey Copy (Toshiba EMI) PRP-8112
Yuji Ohno / Cosmos (CBS/Sony) 30AH 1202
Akiko Yano 矢野顕子 / 愛がなくちゃね。Ai ga nakucha ne (Japan Record) JAL-1801
Yellow Magic Orchestra / Yellow Magic Orchestra (Alfa) ALR-6020
Yukihiro Takahashi / Neuromantic (Alfa) ALR-28018
Various / We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Yen Records, Yen Records) YLR28012, YLR-28012
Logic System / Venus (Express) ETP-90139
Real Fish / Tenon (Invitation) VIH-28232
Miho Nakayama / Angel Hearts (King Records) K28A 880
Ichiro Nitta 新田一郎 / Purple Eyes In The Dark 闇のパープル・アイ (Futureland) LB28-5008
Akira Inoue / Space Hitch-Hikers (Fun House) 15FB-2026
Hip Up / The Great Show (Kitty Records) 25MS0005
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2019-1-7 New Arrival

20 45/7inch New Arrivals!!

☆Luca Dammonio/Oh Caron☆伊アフロ・トライバルFUNK!7inch 45
☆Enrico Simonetti/Drug's Theme☆伊シネマティックFUNK!BREAK!7inch 45
☆Yamaski's/Yamasuki - AIEAOA☆偽?和PSYCH AFRO FUNK?!7inch 45
☆Chilly /For Your Love☆DJ HARVEYプレイ!SLEAZY COSMIC DISCO!7inch 45
☆Richard Bone/Living In Partytown - Men With Secrets☆MINIMAL SYNTH/EBM!7inch 45
☆Ann Steel/My Time☆シンセポップクラシック!7inch 45
☆Ashantis/Let's Stay Together☆伊AFRO BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Tony Wilson/Cant Leave It Alone☆SLO-MO Deep Disco!7inch 45
☆Teddy Riley Featuring Tammy Lucas/Is It Good To You☆R&B NEW JACK SWING名曲!7inch 45
☆1776/Oh Suzanna - You☆Marvin Gayeブギ・カバー!7inch 45
☆Princess Erika/Trop De Bla Bla☆フレンチレゲエ!7inch 45
☆Tara Schaft/New York City Dream☆FRENCH DISCO名作!7inch 45
☆Jupiter Band/Sarah Love☆KILLERベルギー産BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Doc & Prohibition/Nothing Is Changed☆KILLER EURO FUNKY ROCK!7inch 45
☆Robert Palmer/Love Can Run Faster☆LEE PERRYプロデュース!人気メロウレゲエ!7inch 45
☆Richard Jon Smith/Stay With Me Tonight☆KILLER SYNTH BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Andy Nelson/Lady Angie☆人気FRENCH BOOGIE/FUNK!7inch 45
☆XXX/Boite De Nuit☆マイナーFrench Post Punk!7inch 45
☆Blue Lazer/Stay Away From Her☆AOR BALEARIC POP!7inch 45
☆K.I.D./Don't Stop☆DJ HARVEYプレイ!7inch 45
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