21st March 2019 STORE NEW ARRIVALS

Hideo Shiraki Quintet + 3 Koto Girls ‎– Sakura Sakura
Sonar Senghor And His Troupe ‎– African Tribal Music And Dances
Cities Of Foam ‎– Last Man Standing
Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Feat. Mayra Caridad Valdés ‎– Roforofo Fight (Louie Vega Remixes)
Holger Hiller ‎– Ein Bündel Fäulnis In Der Grube
Sade ‎– Your Love Is King
Lenny Kravitz ‎– If You Can't Say No
Nobukazu Takemura ‎– Crescent EP
Rednose Distrikt ‎– Rock Your Rednose Well In The Distrikt
Wally Badarou ‎– Echoes
Ray Barbee ‎– Triumphant Procession
Jill Scott ‎– Love Rain
M.Kocáb & M.Pavlíček ‎– Černé Světlo = Black Light
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2019-3-21 New Arrivals

20 Reggae New Arrivals!!

★Ciyo/Jazzy Mood For Love★メロウJAZZY LOVERS!
★Dennis & Laurine/You And Me Baby★スィートデュエットLOVERS ROCK!
★Earl 16/Peek-A-Boo★ソウルカバーLOVERS!
★June Powell & Black Steel/Don't Break Your Promise★哀愁メロウLOVERS名作!
★Louisa Marks/Caught You In A Lie★LOVERS!初リリース!
★Nancy Martinez/Sunshine Reggae - La Vie En Rose★レアLAID BACK名曲カバー!
★Samantha Rose/Never Knew Love Like This Before★人気LOVERS ROCK!
★Slim Batson/Never Give Your Heart Away★レアLOVERS!CALTON & THE SHOESカバー!
★Bunny Maloney/Baby I've Been Missing You★鉄板ソウル名曲カバー!
★Me And You/In The Future★メロウLOVERS傑作!
★Sandra Reid/If Dreams Were Real★LOVERS ROCK名傑作LP!
★Cook The Books/Piggie In The Middle Eight★DENNIS BOVELL!NEW WAVE REGGAE!
★Babatunde Tony Ellis/No Place To Run★ROOTS REGGAE/AFRO PERCUSSION!
★Inner Circle/Reggae Thing★JAH MUSIC収録!
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2019-3-18 New Arrivals

15 Disco 45 New Arrivals!!

☆Dusty Springfield/That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You☆ROCKIN' DISCO CLASSIC!DJ HARVEY!7inch 45
☆Blue Feather/Let It Out☆爽やかEURO BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆Sweden, Heaven & Hell/Mah-Na-Mah-Na☆スキャット・ラウンジ定番名曲!マナマナ 7inch 45
☆Jungle Brothers/What "U" Waitin' "4"?☆HIP-HOP名作!7inch 45
☆Opus III/It's A Fine Day☆RAVE/HOUSE CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Primal Scream/Loaded☆MADCHESTER名曲!ANDREW WEATHERALL 7inch 45
☆Teddy Riley Featuring Tammy Lucas/Is It Good To You☆R&B NEW JACK SWING名曲!7inch 45
☆Paul McCartney/Check My Machine☆レフトフィールドCOSMIC REGGAE!7inch 45
☆Bettye Lavette /I Can't Stop☆GOT BE REAL似のメロウブギ!7inch 45
☆Billy Cole/Bump All Night☆KILLER REGGAE FUNK!DJ HARVEY!7inch 45
☆Phillip Brown/Easy Life - Forever You☆メロウFRENCH SOUL!7inch 45
☆Pioneers/Feel The Rhythm☆人気メロウ・ディスコ/レゲエ!7inch 45
☆Skullsnaps/Ain't That Lovin' You / Al's Razor Blade☆KILLER INST FUNK!7inch 45
☆Chilly /For Your Love☆DJ HARVEYプレイ!SLEAZY COSMIC DISCO!7inch 45
☆Las Grecas/Te Estoy Amando Locamento☆スペインACID RUMBA!7inch 45
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2019-3-17 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals!!

★Derrick Cross/You Like Me Don't You★レア・ソウル名曲カバーLOVERS!
★Jean Adebambo/I Want To Make With You★LOVERS ROCK傑作!
★Louisa Marks/6 Six Street★鉄板LOVERS ROCK CLASSIC!
★Neville Grant/Lady Love★LOVERS ROCK!ソウル名曲カバー!
★Private Collection/Magic★LOVERS ROCK隠れ名曲
★Ruddy Thomas/Just One Moment Away★LOVERS ROCK!メロウ!
★Sister Lois/Imagine★名曲カバーLOVERS ROCK!
★Tamlins/Go Away Dream★ソウル名曲カバー!
★Various/Groovy Situation Vol.1★BLACK HARMONY/LET'S BE LOVERS収録!
★Bob Marley/Rainbow Country★KILLER ROOTS!
★Bob Marley And The Wailers/Natural Mystic★LEE PERRYプロデュースのROOTS名曲!
★Radio Rebels - Nightdoctor & Iauwata/Striving To Be Free★CLASH/海賊ラジオ!
★Freddie McGregor/Across The Border★MELLOW LOVERS収録!
★Freddie McGregor/Big Ship★ROOTS名盤!
★Natural Ites & The Realistic Band/Marvellous★UK ROOTS/LOVERS隠れ名盤!
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2019-3-11 New Arrivals

20 Disco and other stuff new arrivals!

☆Brian & Zan/Pump Your Body☆KILLER NEW WAVE DISCO!7inch 45
☆Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band/Cherchez La Femme☆カクテルディスコ名曲!7INCH 45
☆Mother F/Welcome Abroad☆メロウバレアリックディスコ!7inch 45
☆Patrice Rushen/Forget Me Nots☆ダンスクラシック!
☆Realistic/Sentimental Song☆謎のEURO AFRO BOOGIE!7inch 45
☆B.V.S.M.P./On And On (Can We Go On)☆EURO MELLOW HIP-HOP!
☆De La Soul/Eye Know☆HIP-HOP CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Faze One/Mellow Down☆MELLOW UK RAP/STREETSOUL!7inch 45
☆Ten City/Devotion☆HOUSE CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Yamaski's/Yamasuki - AIEAOA☆偽?和PSYCH AFRO FUNK?!7inch 45
☆Hi-Five/I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)☆R&B NEW JACK SWING名曲!7inch 45
☆Incognito Featuring Jocelyn Brown /Always There☆UK ACID JAZZ/R&B名作!7inch 45
☆Dennis Coffey/Ride Sally Ride☆Ultimate Breaks & Beats!
☆Dynasty/Here I Am☆MELLOW SOUL!7inch 45
☆Gene Chandler/ I'll Make The Living If You Make The Loving Worthwhile☆MELLOW SOUL!7inch 45
☆George Duke/Say That You Will☆MELLOW SOUL CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Prince/When Doves Cry☆プリンス名曲!7inch 45
☆Rufus And Chaka Khan/Ain't Nobody☆DANCE CLASSIC!7inch 45
☆Ann Steel/My Time☆シンセポップクラシック!7inch 45
☆Aftershock/Slave To The Vibe☆ハウスクラシック!R&B 7inch 45
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15th March 2019 STORE NEW ARRIVALS

Saka Acquaye ‎– Voices Of Africa: High-Life And Other Popular Music
Salif Keita ‎– Ko-Yan
寺内タケシとブルージーンズ ‎– 津軽じょんがら
寺内タケシ ‎– 日本民謡大百科・特別ダイジェスト盤
The Moments ‎– Those Sexy Moments
Linda Lewis ‎– Lark
Linda Lewis ‎– Fathoms Deep
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2019-3-14 New Arrivals

20 Japanese records new arrivals!!

Yumi Matsutoya / 悲しいほどお天気 Kanashiihodo Otenki (Express) ETP-80118
Expo / Expo's Great International Strategy (G.M.O.Records) ALR-22916
Toshiki Kadomatsu = Toshiki Kadomatsu / Gold Digger ~With True Love~ (Air Records) RAL-8824
Masaaki Ohmura / The Soundtrack "You Gotta Chance" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (SMS Records) SM25-5413
Joe Yamanaka / Reggae Vibration II (My Reggae Music) (Black) BL-4
ザ・ナンバーワン・バンド The Number One Band / ラジオショー Radio Show (Invitation) VIH-28195
Yla-Mago / Tyo Rock (Invitation) VIH-501
Minne / Do You Ever Think Of Me - Just In Time (Paradise) PAS-101
安部恭弘 Yasuhiro Abe / Cafe Flamingo (Express) ETP-17443
Takashi Kokubo 小久保隆 / Digital Soundology #1 - Volk Von Bauhaus バウハウスの詩人たち (King Records) K28P-528
Susan / モダン・ワールド = Multi-Modern World (Epic ) 07・5H-58
CP-02 / No No Baby (Radio City) RD-4049
テレサ野田 / トロピカル ラブ Tropical Love (Think! Records) THEP-296
Hiroshi Sato 佐藤博 / Songoku 孫悟空 (Kitty Records) DKQ1056
Mebae Miyahara 宮原芽映 / 極楽蝶々 (Polydor) 7DX 1510
Fumio / Digital City (Orange House Records ) ORF-8003
Naoya Matsuoka With Minako Yoshida / Lovin' Mighty Fire (Atlantic) LS-3004
Cimarons / People Say (Lagoon) LG1 - 1006
Various / Pillows & Prayers (Trio) AW-20005
Various / Coincidence V. Fate (Crepuscule Au Japon) SC-1004
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2019-3-12 New Arrivals

15 Reggae New Arrivals!!

★Abcush/Sunshine Island★メロウトロピカルLOVERS!
★Bill Canpbell/Tonight I Celebrate My Love★メロウデュエット名曲カバー!
★Black Harmony/Don't Let It Go To Your Head★鉄板LOVERS ROCKクラシック!
★Dennis Brown/Senorita★トロピカルメロウLOVERS!
★Glenroy Oakley/I Need To Belong To Someone - Could It Be I'm Falling In Love★レアLOVERSソウルカバー!
★Jackie Paris/There Is No Other★哀愁メロウLOVERS傑作!
★Junior Roots/Natty Dread Time★哀愁LOVERS ROCK!
★Ruddy Thomas/Woman★名曲カバー!LOVERS ROCK!
★Saffrice/Dreaming Of Your Love★メロウLOVERS名作!
★Simplicity/Feeling Is A Feeling★LOVERS ROCK!人気!
★Tan Tan/Theme From A Summer Place★気持ちよいTRUMPET INST!
★Trevor Walters/Love Me Tonight★LOVERS ROCK!MAD教授推薦
★True Harmony/Dont Let It Go To Your Head★MURO MIX収録!メロウLOVERS傑作!
★In Crowd /Man From New Guinea★UK REGGAE名作!
★Inner Circle/Reggae Thing★JAH MUSIC収録!
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